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Hair first-graders acknowledged dangerous

MOSCOW, 13 Aug - RIA Novosti. Girls braiding too tight braids, parents put children at risk. What can cause the usual school hair, told in an interview to radio Sputnik dermatologist, trichologist Julia nagaytseva.

The school has specific requirements: girls must be to pick up hair, hair must not cover the face and eyes. From a medical point of view, the hair has to be removed, because the hair that cover the face, not only in the way, but straining my eyes. Moreover, the hair is distracting the child, which affects the learning process. But there is another side of the coin, has warned Julia nagaytseva. Moms love to do tight hairstyles in advance: braid hair at night to reduce the time-outs of the child to school in the morning that may cause harm, told trichologist in an interview with radio Sputnik.

"This is unacceptable": Malysheva told, who don't wear masks

Children should not wear masks, said the doctor and TV presenter Elena Malysheva in instagram.

So she answered the request of the subscribers will in the comments to one of the publications to estimate published in Kazakhstan, the decision to wear masks on newborns. As reports Sputnik Kazakhstan, informed the head of the Ministry Alexey Tsoy has declared that the wearing of this means of self-defense is necessary for all ages.

The inhabitant of the Kurgan explained why led the child on the leash

In Kurgan, a local resident said that he used the bracelet of safety in order to keep eight-year-old son who suffers from autism nizkorentabelnym, writes portal "45.ru".

Earlier in the Network appeared the video, which the woman led the child using the restraint. The author of the video stated that the woman allegedly walked with the boy "on a leash". The video caused discussions among users.

Called signs of cancer at an early stage in children

Oncologists have listed the signs that parents should pay attention and take your child to a relevant specialist.

Told "Evening Moscow" pediatric oncologist-surgeon, Professor and head of the research Department of the center of Specialized care for children name Voyno-Yasenetsky Timur Sariev, there are three main symptoms of malignant tumors at an early stage when the tumor has not yet appeared.

In Mordovia from COVID-19 died two sisters — seven children left orphans

In hospital of Saransk died sisters from the village of Belozerye. One left two children, one five. While watching an elderly relative. After the death of the women in the village began mass testing for several days doctors bypass the house. The official data yet, but the head of the local administration told RIA Novosti that the symptoms COVID-19 have 40 people, two were taken away in an ambulance.

Guzel died June 16, the day passed away her sister Hamid. According to relatives, the hospital women fell in just a few days before. Guzel has long lived in Moscow, but in the summer together with her husband and children moved to Belozerye.

The study showed that parents buy for their children

Parents get children sporting goods less than clothes, shoes and toys - about once a year, whereas a closet is updated every two to three months, follows from the data of the research project Children Mail.ru at the disposal of RIA Novosti.

It is noted that the most popular categories of children's products that parents bought in the last six months were clothing (93%), footwear (85%) and toys (66%). They are followed by books (63%) and hygiene products (59%). Sports uniforms and equipment acquired 49% and 37% respectively. Parents also noted that more often than not are looking for products on the Internet for reviews and come to the store and choose everything is in place — so said 87%. Prepare for trips to the store and focus on online recommendations, 30% of respondents, advice from friends only 10%.

Valery explained why never sings with his daughter

Valeria said on instagram that her daughter Anna Shulgina, a useless and even "harmful" to sing in her concerts.

So she reacted to the comment of the subscribers will in a congratulatory post in honor of the birthday of the daughter of the artist.

Experts tell when to start talking with children about racism

Start talking with children about racism need from a very early age, told RIA Novosti in EqualiTeach British organization specializing in training and consulting in the field of tolerance and equality.

According to experts, children begin to notice differences among people at a very young age, and therefore it is important not to delay the beginning of discussions on this topic.

In the state Duma proposed to introduce early retirement for mothers-heroines

State Duma Deputy Yelena Strokova (LDPR) proposed to allow women with the title "Mother-heroine" to retire early, a letter the MP has written to Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova.

The MP drew attention that the status of "Mother-heroine" has a right to the woman who gave birth more than 10 children, but in insurance experience, she may be counted not more than six years in total for all children.

Doctor from Kursk saves people from African slums, risking their lives

An epidemiologist from Kursk Kirill Kuznetsov free of charge treats the residents of Kenya. For the first time in Africa it was eight years ago. Since returned there again and again to provide medical assistance to the needy. Kuznetsov himself has repeatedly hurt that heals others. In the "service record" — malaria, typhoid, brucellosis. However, such costs profession did not frighten you. The inhabitants of the African slums of the Kursk, the doctor replaces an ambulance: patients do not rebound either by day or by night.

Kirill Kuznetsov, 32 years old, he works in the small Kenyan town of Kitale, on the border with Uganda. "Now I'm in the middle of the desert of Turkana, in the seven-hour drive from Kitale. With the appearance of a large village by local standards — city. Try a couple of times a month to get out to remote areas where people are about doctors at all did not hear, — says Kirill. — I'm not here alone, with a friend — he is from the Ukraine, but long settled in Africa. We do not simply treat people — even teach the basic rules of hygiene. And the main task — to local able to host a clinic".

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