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Chicago authorities removed the monument to Columbus, which became the reason of protests

The government of the U.S. Chicago (Illinois) removed from the city Park a monument to the discoverer of America Christopher Columbus previously caused the protests in the city, reports the local edition of the Chicago-Sun Times.

Last Friday a large group of people protesting against racism, gathered at Grant Park, where is a monument. It was reported that the protesters threw in the detention order different items, they in turn used against the protesters with batons. Detained 12 people, in addition, affected about 18 police officers.

Trump has sent additional forces into the city, covered crime

The President of the United States Donald trump announced the additional sending of Federal forces in Chicago and other cities in the country, where recently formed an extremely serious crime situation.

"In recent weeks began a radical left movement to cease funding and disband the police departments. Policy extreme views have joined this crusade against the police," said trump, speaking at the White house.

Shooting in Chicago was a gang conflict, said the head of police of the city

Shooting at a funeral in Chicago was part of an ongoing conflict between gangs, the police knew in advance about a possible shooting and was there, said on Wednesday reporters the head of the city police David brown.

Earlier it was reported that unknown persons fired at those who came to the funeral, 15 people were injured. The attackers fled.

When shooting in Chicago three-year-old was shot in the head

Three-year-old was wounded in the shooting in Chicago on Wednesday, told reporters the chief detective of the city of Brendan Deenihan.

"Three-year-old was shot in the head. Fortunately, this child is in stable condition and talking," said Denihan. The press conference was broadcast channel FOX32.

The number of wounded in the shooting in Chicago has risen to 15

The number of injured in shooting in Chicago has risen to 15, police reported several suspects, reports CBS News.

According to police, the condition of six injured is critical, the rest feel fine. It is noted that all the victims were adults.

In a shooting in Chicago injured fourteen people

Fourteen people were injured in a shooting in Chicago, they are in hospitals, said Wednesday to journalists the first Deputy superintendent of police, Eric Carter.

"We have 14 victims who assist in five hospitals in different parts of the city. Their condition is still unknown," he said.

Media: at least 11 people were injured in shooting in Chicago

At least 11 people were injured in the shooting in Chicago, according to local TV station ABC 7, citing firefighters.

According to the channel, the status of all victims is estimated as serious or critical. Nine people were taken to hospital in an ambulance, the two got on their own.

Trump said that the crime situation in Chicago is worse than in Afghanistan

The US President Donald trump said that the crime situation in one of the largest cities in the country Chicago "worse than Afghanistan" the fault of the city authorities, representing the Democratic party.

Trump's conversation with journalists on the situation in the city took place in the context of mass protests and riots that are going on in several States. The President expressed the view that local legislators are "weak and afraid of the protesters" and therefore refuse Federal assistance to restore order.

In Chicago, about 18 police officers were injured while protecting the Columbus monument

About eighteen police officers were injured in the us in Chicago, protecting the monument to the Navigator Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) from protesting against racism, told the local edition of the Chicago Sun-Times, citing law enforcement authorities.

According to the newspaper, the incident occurred on Friday evening. A large group of people gathered in Grant Park, where is a monument, about 16.20 local time. According to the publication, at some point, the protesters held onto the ends of the rope draped over the statue.

The fire in Chicago killed seven-year-old

Seven-year-old girl died as a result of the shooting incident in the West the American city of Chicago (Illinois), according to NBC Chicago, citing the police.

Clarifies that the incident occurred on Saturday evening. It is reported that the girl was on the street with members of his family when a group of unknown persons opened fire. The girl was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound, in a short time she died.

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