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In Primorye, more than 500 children's camps will start working from July 15

More than 500 children's health camps can start working in Primorye from July 15, according to the government of the region.

Camps will accept children only in the case of removal of the relevant restrictive measures, the work can start only those companies who have passed all tests and received the necessary sanitary-epidemiological conclusion.

In Primorye after heavy rains limited the journey to three villages

Held in Primorye rains limited the journey to three villages in three districts of the region, reports the regional government.

The rains began in Primorye on the evening of 20 June. On Friday, 26 June, precipitation increased. In Vladivostok flooded the streets. In the region washed away roads, on the morning of 29 June was limited or absent use of 11 roads. Authorities imposed a state of emergency on the territory of Chuguevsky and Kavalerovsky districts.