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The head of the European Council scolded parliamentarians that are critical of the EU summit

The head of the European Council Charles Michel, speaking on Thursday before discussing the results of the EU summit, the European Parliament, scolded parliamentarians that are critical of the agreement reached by the leaders of the 27 European countries in an agreement to Fund the restoration and long-term budget.

Thursday in the European Parliament held an extraordinary plenary meeting to discuss the results ended July 21 EU summit, where the leaders of 27 EU countries approved the package for European economic recovery after the crisis caused by a coronavirus, which includes the recovery Fund volume of 750 billion Euro and multi-year financial plan the size of 1,074 trillion euros. Now we have consultations with the European Parliament, without whose approval the decision on the budget plan cannot take effect. Addressing deputies, the head of the European Council Charles Michel and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen had previously urged them to play a key role in the launch of the European recovery.

The EU will continue to discuss the linkage of Finance with the principles of the rule of law

The European Council will continue to develop the mechanism for linking the issue of European funds the EU with respect to the principle of a legal state, is preparing appropriate legislation, said German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Earlier, the head of the European Council Charles Michel said the rule of law and European values, and climate challenges for the first time linked to the financing of the EU at the summit of Union leaders in Brussels. On the need for such a mechanism has been repeatedly stated in Berlin, Budapest and Warsaw criticize this idea. Namely Hungary and Poland, has repeatedly clashed with Brussels because of political differences, are the main addressees of this action.

The Prime Minister of Ireland has approved the Fund for the victims of Brexit countries

The Prime Minister of Ireland, Michel Martin welcomed the decision of the EU summit to provide in the future the financing of the special Fund in the amount of 5 billion euros to help the countries most affected by Brexit.

"Brexit would be a serious challenge. And I particularly welcome that there was a special Fund in the amount of 5 billion Euro to the countries that are most affected by this decision of the UK to leave the European Union," Martin said during a short news approach after the summit.

EU leaders have reached a compromise on the recovery plan

The head of the European Council, Charles Michel after four days of difficult negotiations with the leaders of the 27 countries of the European Union in Brussels, led the European Council to compromise on the creation of an unprecedented Fund of € 750 billion to restore agroekonomika after the crisis COVID-19.

The summit for the first time since February, was part, European leaders used a mask and tried to keep my distance. From the courtroom periodically come information about heated arguments and opposing positions of the parties.

The Council agreed to Fund restoration and multi-year financial plan

European Union leaders failed to reach agreement on the Fund European economic recovery and multi-annual financial framework, wrote on Twitter, the head of the European Council Charles Michel.

"An agreement has been reached!" - said the President of the European Council.

In Brussels resumed the prolonged four-day EU summit

Lingering on four instead of the two-day summit of EU leaders resumed in Brussels almost at 21.30 local time (22.30 GMT), said the press Secretary of the head of the European Council of Barend Lats.

"Good evening and welcome to the European Council on the multi-year budget and Fund recovery. The President has just started a plenary meeting of the c-27," - wrote in Twitter a press-the Secretary of Charles Michel.

EU leaders will resume the discussion of the anti-crisis Fund

The EU summit at which leaders were trying to agree on a bailout Fund for economic recovery and the formation of the multi-year budget, will resume Monday afternoon.

"On the fourth day of the summit of the European Council by its President (Charles Michel - ed.) completed the plenary session. Twenty-seven countries of the EU will meet later today at 14.00 (15.00 Moscow time - ed.)" - wrote on Twitter Barend Leitz, press Secretary of the head of the European Council of Charles Michel.

Plenary session of the EU summit postponed again

Plenary meeting of the EU leaders has again been delayed they continue to consult in narrow formats, said Barend Leitz, press Secretary of the head of the European Council of Charles Michel.

Previously it was assumed that the summit will start around noon, then plenary was delayed in the best case to 16.00 (17.00 MSK).

Eastern European countries don't want binding of EU subsidies to the legal regulations

The leaders of the countries of Eastern Europe were opposed to binding EU subsidies in the framework of the European economic recovery plan after a crisis COVID-19 to the European standards of a legal state.

According to Belgian television channel LN24, on this approach, earlier insisted the Prime Minister of the Netherlands mark Rutte in the course held in Brussels the extraordinary summit of the EU on harmonization of multi-year budget plan and Fund post-crisis recovery of the economy of the Union.

EU leaders are continuing discussions at the summit on the crisis Fund

The EU leaders continue to consult in the narrow formats in the framework of the summit on the crisis Fund and long-term EU budget, the plenary session with the participation of leaders of all 27 countries of the Union is delayed and will start no earlier than 17 GMT, wrote on Twitter Barend Leitz, press Secretary of the head of the European Council of Charles Michel.

According to his information, Michelle continues to meet with the leadership of individual countries of the Union, now there is a meeting with the participation of Chancellor of Germany, President of France, Prime Ministers of Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen.

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