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Washington decided to punish Europe for real

Despite all the difficulties in relations between the administration of Donald trump and American IT-giants such as Facebook, Google and Amazon, the US President was ready to sacrifice the remnants of transatlantic solidarity and goodwill, which has been preserved in the relations between States and the European Union to protect the income of American corporations from European tax authorities.

Old conflict, which Mature for many years, now came to the open exchange of painful financial blows of billions of dollars — the European Union wants to "squeeze" us corporations, who for decades worked in the EU without paying taxes, and the US is going to punish the European Union for trying to gain minimal fiscal sovereignty. I must give credit to the team trump the revenge they have made a very point, in the sense that it was identified the specific author of the European breakthrough to freedom and "squirt", who dared to advance the idea that the American IT business, working in the "European colonies of the United States" actually have to pay taxes, and after this identification was followed by retaliatory us action.

The fashion house of Channel launched their first collection in a pandemic

. Fashion house Channel presented virtual social networks in his first collection since the introduction of restrictions because of the pandemic of coronavirus, reports France Info.

Quarantined all fashion shows have been cancelled. As a result, the parade of cruise collection Channel "a Walk in the Mediterranean" was held today online. It was supposed to go 7 may in Capri.