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"All cashing in on the Mac". Who is behind the drug trafficking from Afghanistan

In the United States hyping the campaign about Russia's collusion with the Taliban. Calls Donald trump to stop accusing Moscow does not act. Congress called for sanctions and rebukes the President for inaction. In response, the Russian foreign Ministry recalled that the Americans involved in the Afghan drug trafficking. Why this problem can not be solved for many years, understood to RIA Novosti.

"These countless kickbacks from the projects that were there, part of the same wonderful American intelligence that our accused of something in the drug trafficking. They have planes from Kandahar from Bagram fly without checking in anywhere — in Germany, Romania," resented the special representative of Russia on the Afghan settlement Zamir Kabulov, the TV channel "Russia 1". In the White house and the state Department has not commented on the statements of the Russian diplomat.

China and Central Asian countries will discuss measures to combat COVID-19

The foreign Ministers of China and countries of Central Asia on July 16 will hold the first Ministerial meeting of the online mode, which will discuss measures to counter COVID-19, said on Wednesday the foreign Ministry of Uzbekistan.

The conference will discuss topical issues of cooperation in combating coronavirus pandemic, strengthening relations to ensure regional security and stability, as well as mechanisms to promote economic growth, added the foreign Ministry of Uzbekistan.

FSB detained the recruiter of terrorists in Kaliningrad

Recruiters banned in Russia international terrorist organization was detained in Kaliningrad, reported RIA Novosti the representative of FSB of Russia across the Kaliningrad region Ekaterina Ispravnikova.

"Stopped by the criminal activities of four citizens of the Central Asian region that are members of the clandestine cells of international terrorist organization "Katib Tauhid Val-Jihad"* - said Ispravnikova.

The President of Uzbekistan congratulated Nazarbayev on his jubilee

The President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoev by phone has congratulated the first President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev with the 80th anniversary, highlighting its role in deepening integration and sustainable development in Central Asia, said Monday the press service of the Uzbek leader.

Nazarbayev on Monday celebrates 80-year anniversary. He was the head of Kazakhstan's for nearly 30 years, but 20 March 2019 resigned as President, remained Chairman of the party Nur Otan ("light of the Fatherland"), Chairman of the security Council and the President of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan. Nazarbayev, who had previously been diagnosed with the coronavirus, July 3, in an address to the people of Kazakhstan announced about his recovery and that the proceeds to work full time.

"Catch up, kill." Why brides are still kidnapped

Kyrgyzstan has developed a game — "Spring in Bishkek". The plot — the kidnapping of the bride. But in life it happens. While some with this custom fighting, others support it. Why is this archaic tradition is so tenacious and how Kyrgyz girls saved from forced marriage in the material RIA Novosti.

"Spring in Bishkek" — a simulator of situations. The heroine of the game trying to force into marriage by threat of authority of the elders. In reality, it could be worse.

The foreign Ministers of Central Asian countries and the EU will discuss the fight against COVID-19

The foreign Ministers of Central Asian countries and the EU Friday online will discuss measures against the coronavirus COVID-19, reports the press service of the foreign Ministry of Uzbekistan.

"The Minister of foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan Abdulaziz Kamilov on 12 June to take part in the Ministerial meeting "European Union – Central Asia", which will be held in format of video conference", - stated in the message in the Telegram channel of the Ministry of foreign Affairs.

The ILO called security measures in offices to combat COVID-19

The international labour organization (ILO) called security measures that can be maintained to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on jobs in the coming months.

According to the Director of the ILO Bureau for countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia Olga Kulaeva, when resuming work after an epidemic may remain the requirement to enter the Elevator one by one, keep a distance of at least two meters between people, to change periods of work of employees in the office and at home, they do not intersect in the same room. Also it is possible to differentiate the routes of movement inside the building: for example, one corridor people come into the room, and come out of it differently.