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In Catalonia introduced the "dry law" in public places

The authorities of the Spanish Autonomous community of Catalonia introduced fines for drinking alcohol in companies in the streets from 3 thousand to 15 thousand euros as a measure to combat the spread of coronavirus, said the official representative of the regional government of Maricel Budo.

According to her, "for reasons of health of the population will not be able to drink alcoholic beverages in public places". The decision about the specific penalties will be taken by the city hall. "The mayor assigned the task of tracking and monitoring this injunction and the imposition of sanctions. Failure to comply will be considered a serious violation and will require approval from 3 001 to 15 000 Euro", - the politician said to journalists.

In Spain, the turtle began to lay eggs on the beaches of the Costa Brava

Several organizations involved in biodiversity conservation on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, discovered the egg laying of sea turtles on the beaches from the Costa Brava to the Strait of Gibraltar, according to Europulse.

This year because of the pandemic, the number of tourists on the coast had declined. Scientists believe that this year has encountered more than the usual turtle laying about 100 nests at the beach. Although usually for these purposes the animals choose sparsely populated areas.

The Parliament of Catalonia urged the king of Spain to abdicate

The Parliament of the Spanish Autonomous community of Catalonia approved the conclusions of the Commission on investigation of the introduction of the country's direct rule of the Spanish authorities after the so-called independence referendum in 2017, which condemns the actions of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, the previous Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, and called to the king Felipe VI to abdicate and spend throughout Spain, a referendum on form of government.

Voted for by 69 deputies from parties advocating for independence of the Autonomous community, against 56 - from the socialist party, the "people" and the people's party. The representatives of the left CatComu-Podem (Catalan branch of Podemos) abstained on most items and supported the abdication of the king and the referendum.

Between protesters in Catalonia and police clashed

Clashes between supporters of the independence of the Spanish Autonomous community of Catalonia, and law enforcement took place not far from the monastery of Poblet, who on Monday visited the king of Spain Felipe VI and Queen Letizia.

In the morning, supporters of independence gathered in the municipality of rural Masia font de Francoli, located three kilometers from the monastery, and headed to the colony under the slogan "in Catalonia there is no king."

In Catalonia held a protest against the visit of the king of Spain

Supporters of independence of the Spanish Autonomous community of Catalonia staged a protest against the monarchy and stay in the region of the head of state, king Felipe VI.

Felipe VI and his wife Queen Letizia attend on Monday, the Poblet monastery (Tarragona) as part of their trip around the country.

The government of Catalonia want to file a lawsuit against king Juan Carlos

Legal authorities of Catalonia, in accordance with the decree of the President of the Catalan government of Kim Terry, will consider the possibility of filing a lawsuit against the former head of Spain's king Juan Carlos in connection with allegations of possible corruption, the press service of the President of Generalitat.

"The President of Generalitat Kim Torr in relation to last weeks news about the former king has ordered the consideration of filing a lawsuit against Juan Carlos de borbón, Corinna Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn and all those who in one form or another, participated, helped, contributed to the corrupt actions or covered these actions, which, presumably, were involved the former head of the Spanish state and his entourage," - said in a statement.

In Catalonia introduced a quarantine in three municipalities

The Spanish government of Catalonia has extended the requirement not to leave the house unless it is necessary for citizens of the three municipalities in connection with the sharp rise in the number of cases of coronavirus infection COVID-19.

"The technical Committee of the public security service of Catalonia (Procicat) today approved the application of measures to contain outbreaks COVID-19 municipalities and Vilafant Figueres in the Alt empordà in Sant Feliu de Llobregat in Barcelona", - reads the statement of the Catalan government.

In Catalonia died novelist Juan Mars

Spanish writer Juan Marse, the representative of the "generation of the fifties", died in Catalonia at the age of 87 years, reports the edition Pais.

According to him, Mars died last night in Barcelona.

In Barcelona recommended not to go outside unless absolutely necessary

The government of Catalonia has introduced additional sanitary measures to prevent further aggravation of the epidemiological situation on the territory of this Spanish Autonomous community, including in Barcelona.

"Because of the increasing number of infections in the Metropolitan area of Barcelona, we decided to introduce the same measures that have already been taken in l'hospitalet," he said at a press conference official representative of Generalitat of Maricel Budo. Residents of the city of Barcelona and the surrounding area it is not recommended to leave their homes unless absolutely necessary to buy food, to visit relatives who need assistance to get to the hospital to work.

The Ministry of health of Spain reported 580 cases COVID-19 per day

For the last day in Spain identified 580 new cases of infection with coronavirus COVID-19, the worst figure since may 10, said the Ministry of health.

In two weeks the diagnosis of coronavirus was delivered 8313 patients, of them in Catalonia - 4441, in Aragon – 1076. The number of deaths has remained stable over the last seven days had died nine people diagnosed with COVID-19.

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