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Media reported the details of the escape of Carlos Ghosn

The son of former President of the automaker Nissan Carlos Ghosn paid 500 thousand dollars for the escape of his father from Japan, reports Bloomberg, citing the Federal Prosecutor's office of the United States.

According to the statement, Anthony gon turned 500 thousand dollars into cryptocurrency Peter Taylor, the son of an American commando by Michael Taylor. The translation was made after Carlos Ghosn took off from Japan on a private jet in a drawer for musical instruments.

The former head of Nissan explained why he failed to appear in court in France

The former head of the automaker Nissan Carlos Ghosn said in an interview with the Parisien newspaper that did not appear in French court in Nanterre on July 13 due to "technical obstacles" because his passport was in Lebanon.

In turn, the journalist of the newspaper noted that France has no extradition agreement with Japan, in contrast to Lebanon, so gon could feel safe.

Japan asked to extradite those suspected of involvement in the escape of the Rut

The Tokyo prosecutors appealed to US with requests to extradite two suspects in the case about the escape of the former head of the automaker Nissan Carlos Ghosn, said the Agency Kyodo.

"We want to Express our gratitude to the law enforcement bodies of the USA for cooperation and hope for the greatest possible cooperation to accelerate extradition procedures", - quotes Agency the statement of the Prosecutor's office.