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Pompeo commented on the expulsion of the Ambassador of the European Union from Venezuela

U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo believes that the expulsion of EU Ambassador to Venezuela will only lead to isolation of the country.

"Expulsion of the Ambassador, the EU is only further isolating Venezuela from free and democratic countries," Pompeo wrote on Twitter.

Venezuela has revised the decision on the expulsion of the Ambassador of the European Union

The foreign Ministry of Venezuela and the European Union issued a joint statement in which it declared invalid the decision of the authorities of the Bolivarian Republic of to expel the Ambassador of the EU Isabel Pedrosa.

"The Venezuelan government decided to annul the decision adopted on 29 June 2020, according to which the Ambassador Isabel Brilhante Pedrosa, head of the delegation of the European Union in Caracas, was declared a persona non grata," - said in the text of the statement on the website of the EU.

Maduro expels the Ambassador of the European Union from Venezuela

The head of the EU delegation to Venezuela Isabel Brilhante Pedrosa must leave the country after the EU decision to tighten sanctions against Caracas, said the President Nicolas Maduro.

In his speech, which was broadcast on Twitter, he criticized the decision to expand the EU sanctions list against a number of Venezuelan officials.

In Italy, the media appreciated the letter on the financing of the Movement 5 stars Venezuela

The document, allegedly confirming the receipt of funding to the address of the Italian "Movement 5 stars" from Venezuela, may be fake, writes on Monday, the news Agency Agenzia Nova.

On Monday, the Spanish newspaper ABC, citing secret documents wrote that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro during his tenure as foreign Minister in 2010 he sent to Italy by 3.5 million euros for the secret financing of the "Movement 5 stars" (Д5З). Now it is one of the two major forces in the ruling in Italy the most.

In Paris denied reports about the presence of Guido at the Embassy in Caracas

The French foreign Ministry has denied reports that the leader of the Venezuelan opposition Juan Guido is in the French Embassy in Caracas.

Earlier, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza said that Guido hiding in the French Embassy, and noted that the government was awaiting his extradition to justice.

"Doctors without borders" has opened a treatment center COVID-19 in Caracas

International humanitarian organization "Doctors without borders" (MSF) announced the opening of a specialized center for the treatment of coronavirus in petare, in the North-East of Caracas.

"Doctors without borders" opened a specialized center for the treatment COVID-19 in petare (North-East part of the city of Caracas) in Venezuela: 22 beds, 16 of which are designed for bedridden patients and 6 beds for intensive care with the ventilator. In the work of the centre involves more than 100 specialists of different profiles: doctors, nurses, epidemiologists, psychologists and other personnel," - said in a press release.