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Australian veterinarians have saved a premature wombat orphan

In Australia, the vets came out premature wombat found in dead mother's pouch, according to Bored Panda.

A resident of Canberra is found on the road hit by a car wombat. It was a DOE in the bag which was a live baby. The man took the baby to the vet at the local animal rescue station.

In Australia banned an anti-racism protest in Sydney

The Supreme court of New South Wales has banned scheduled for Saturday in Sydney of the action of the movement Black Lives Matter, as a high threat to the spread of coronavirus, reports channel 9 News.

Earlier the police of the Australian state appealed to the Supreme court to ban in the Sydney stock movement Black Lives Matter in connection with the death in the U.S. African-American George Floyd. The head of the state police, Mick fuller explained that the claims of the authorities to the organizers of the March are violation of sanitary norms adopted in the framework of the fight against coronavirus. He said that the prior action was begun with applications for 50 people, but then the number of participants increased to 10 thousand.