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On Capri, introduced compulsory wearing of masks in weekend evening

Power of the famous Italian island of Capri in the Bay of Naples in the framework of the fight against COVID-19 introduced compulsory wearing of medical masks in public places at weekends from 18.00 to 4.00 a.m. that is the period, when traditionally there are mass festivities of tourists.

The corresponding decree was signed on Tuesday by the mayor of Capri Marino Lembo. Next Friday the residents and visitors of the island, which became a popular resort in ancient times, will be required to wear protective masks not only in enclosed public spaces, but also outdoors. We are talking of course about the places on a weekend evening accumulates a lot of people. First of all, this famous square Piazzetta, has long become a kind of salon island, and several nearby shopping streets with luxury boutiques and chic bars and restaurants.

Lombardy is the only region of Italy where you have to wear masks

Lombardy is the only region of Italy, where the pandemic COVID-19 wearing medical masks in the open air is mandatory for citizens.

The order extends for a further two weeks period of the use of this PPE by all people of this Northern Italian region, signed by its President Attilio Fontana. An exception is made only for people who are active in sports, especially running and race walking in the fresh air.

Metro passengers in Mexico city were asked to remain silent for the sake of fighting COVID-19

The metro of Mexico city called on passengers to keep quiet to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The campaign was launched on Monday. Management of the Mexico city metro also urged passengers to use masks for the entire trip.