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Insurers called the new way to pay drivers for insurance

The insurance company will not cover the damages injured in an accident if the owner of the vehicle with the passage of mandatory THEN forget to alert your insurer. About this in the Russian Union of motor insurers (RAMI) told the newspaper "Izvestia".

Insurance policies for cars older than three years do not without passing inspection, but pandemic COVID-19 power helped to make motorists insurance without a diagnostic card. This measure is valid from 1 March to 30 September this year.

Study: online sales of insurance policies increased by four times

A forced withdrawal of the Russians from the coronavirus was the cause of the increase in online sales of insurance 4.4-fold, and sales of insurance policies in the first half of 2020 increased 5 times compared to the same period of 2019, the study said aggregator of insurance products Insurance.Ru available to RIA Novosti.

An aggregator said that his services for six months took advantage of the 500 thousand customers.

The Union of insurers has launched a new information system for insurance

A new automated information system (AIS) OSAGO starts to work in Russia Sunday, it will allow to collect, process and store information in a mandatory "avtograzhdanki", said the Russian Union of motor insurers (RAMI).

Data in the system will be fully available to the Bank of Russia and Federal Executive bodies. And in the next four years, SAR plans to build on the basis of the AIS CMTPL system to collect data on all types of insurance. As noted in the Union, the new AIS has a ten-fold growth potential of performance to support increased functionality in the future.