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Lukashenko announced the agreement with Putin on the issue of safety

Alyaksandr Lukashenka revealed details of telephone conversations with Vladimir Putin, and noted that the Russian leader agreed to assist Belarus when asked about security.

The Belarusian leader reminded of the existence of the agreement between Moscow and Minsk in the framework of the Union state and the CSTO.

The former commander of the airborne forces told about the warning for abusers Russia

Offenders Russia will have to deal with its airborne troops, said their former commander, the Deputy of the state Duma Vladimir Shamanov in an interview with the newspaper "Izvestia".

According to him, the relevant words can be seen on one of the posters in the Ryazan airborne school.

Experts of the security Council proposed measures against the illicit trafficking of weapons

The scientific Council under the Russian security Council stated steady increase in the number of crimes committed in Russia and connected with illegal circulation of weapons, to effectively change this situation, according to experts, it is necessary to coordinate the work of law enforcement agencies with the business community and manufacturers. weapons, as well as to improve the penal and administrative rules, reported the press service of the RA security Council.

"At its meeting of the scientific Council under the security Council considered the issues of combating illicit arms trafficking. It is noted that the number of registered in the country of crimes related to illicit arms trafficking, is growing steadily. There is a high demand for weapons from organized criminal groups and terrorist organizations", - stated in the message.

The trial of the ex-President of Armenia Kocharian was moved to August 4

The court in Yerevan on the case of former Armenian President Robert Kocharian is transferred to 4 August, reported on Tuesday the judge Anna Janibekyan.

The special investigation service on July 26, 2018 presented to Kocharian the prosecution to overthrow the constitutional order in the criminal case about the protesters on 1 March 2008. Robert Kocharian believes the charges are trumped up as political persecution. In the case also are the former CSTO Secretary General Yuri Khachaturov, the ex-defense Minister Seyran Ohanian and former head of the presidential administration Armen Gevorgyan.

Tajikistan takes measures against the infiltration of militants from Afghanistan

Tajikistan is taking all necessary measures to prevent the infiltration of militants from Afghanistan, the border is controlled, said, answering the question of RIA Novosti, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Tajikistan, sirodjidin muhriddin.

"The situation on the Tajik-Afghan border remains tense, as on the adjacent side (Afghanistan) of the group of militants recent attacks on government positions of power structures of Afghanistan. But we take all necessary measures to prevent the infiltration of militants from Afghanistan to Tajikistan," he said.

The Armenian foreign Ministry called for an end to the escalation on the border with Azerbaijan

The press Secretary of the Armenian foreign Ministry Anna Naghdalyan called the priority of Yerevan to the situation worsening on the border with Azerbaijan, the elimination of obstacles to the peace process.

Earlier in the Secretariat of the CSTO expressed serious concern in connection with a situation aggravation on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border. In the military-political bloc called on the parties "for the immediate restoration of the ceasefire in the zone of CSTO responsibility". Later, the representative of Armenia Victor Biyagov urged the countries-CSTO members to show solidarity in the face of the deteriorating situation on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border and mutual support "in accordance with the spirit and letter of the Charter of the organization."

The defense Ministry praised the US claim to the Treaty on open skies

United States to exit the Treaty on open skies (DON) using flimsy excuses, said Friday the head of the National center for reducing nuclear danger Sergey Ryzhkov.

He remind that the situation around the contract began to deteriorate since September 2013, when for observation flights under the Treaty, Russia began to use the surveillance aircraft An-30B with the new digital surveillance equipment.

The expert assessed the situation in the Armenian-Azerbaijani border

Armenia and Azerbaijan, on the border where in recent days there is aggravation of the situation, you would most likely sit at the negotiating table, otherwise it will be difficult to stop a possible military conflict, says a senior research fellow name of Yevgeny Primakov Russian Academy of Sciences Viktor Nadein-Raevsky.

"The alternative to negotiations, one - military conflict and its aggravation. To stop it will be much harder than the calm side now," said Nadein-Rayevsky RIA Novosti.

The President of Azerbaijan commented on the conversion of Armenia to the CSTO

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev stated that the CSTO has nothing to do with the incident at the state border with Armenia, as Azerbaijan were not disturbed.

"After our response, Armenia immediately appealed to the CSTO, has requested assistance from them. Where does the CSTO? Azerbaijan did not violate the border of Armenia," Aliyev said on Wednesday at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers dedicated to the socio-economic development of Azerbaijan in the first half of this year, his performance broadcast by AZTV state TV channel offers.

Armenia does not intend to apply to CSTO over the deployment of peacekeepers

Yerevan is not going to appeal to the CSTO on the issue of deployment of peacekeeping contingent on the border with Azerbaijan, said in an interview with RIA Novosti, Ambassador of Armenia in Russia Vartan Toganyan.

"Now, of course, need no such treatment, but time will tell how the situation will develop. I want to emphasize that in the framework of the OSCE Minsk group, which, by the way includes our allies in the CSTO - Russia and Kazakhstan - the issue of implementation of the monitoring mission for monitoring the situation around the perimeter of the border was and is. But Azerbaijan strongly this idea out, discuss and mouth of the President States that the need to rely exceptional strength. Sorry," he said Toganyan.

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