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"Worse than CNN". Trump criticized your favorite TV channel

The US President Donald trump said that usually beloved Fox News channel, CNN has become worse.

"Fox News has become impossible to watch a day on the weekends. It's even worse than the fake news channel CNN. I highly recommend you to switch to OANN (One America News Network with a reputation for far-right media - ed.). They do make a "fair and balanced" job!" he wrote Sunday on his Twitter.

Twitter has blocked the edited video, shared trump

Social network Twitter has closed the access to edited under the CNN video, which was shared in his microblog the President of the United States Donald trump, due to the fact that this file received a complaint from the copyright holder.

The video, shared by the President, looks like a fragment of a translation of CNN. It shows how the black kid runs away from white. The fragment is accompanied by the caption: "a Scared kid running away from a child racist." Further, the authors of the movie accused of "fake" media of spreading false information and show you "how it really was". Previously Twitter has tagged this video as "a specially crafted media file" and added to it the information that the video was "edited and mounted with "fake" titles CNN".

"It's probably Russian": hacked ultimate weapon USA

As CNN reports, the participation of Russian agents in the ongoing all-American pogrom "quite likely".

The day before, when the same channel produced a story where one of the experts suggested taking part in the riots of "Russian agents" on it specifically mocked in his Twitter personally, Donald trump.

In Atlanta the crowd stoned police cars and Windows of the headquarters of CNN

A crowd of protesters in connection with the death of an African-American to George Floyd at the hands of police perpetrated acts of vandalism in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, according to footage on local TV channels.

The protesters smashed several police cars, and one of them was set on fire. Went near the place of the March to the CNN building — its glass wall broke, and the logo of TV at the entrance painted offensive slogans.