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Kaia Gerber and Cara Delevingne made the same tattoo

Supermodels Kaia Gerber and Cara Delevingne made the same tattoo on his feet. This became known from the stories associated with instagram the 18-year-old daughter of Cindy Crawford.

Posted picture shows the feet of the stars of world fashion weeks, on the curve which depicts a tattoo with the word "solemate", which translated to English means "soul mate". The publication was made in honor of the birthday Delevingne. Yesterday the supermodel was 28 years old.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle secretly bought a house in USA

The media found out Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle secretly bought a house in Santa Barbara (California, USA) to quietly raise his son Archie after leaving the British Royal family, reports Page Six.

According to the publication, in the mansion they moved in July. In the same area is also home to their friends, TV hosts Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres.

Off the coast of California found an amphibious vehicle and drowned Marines

Military amphibious vehicle and killed US Marines found at the bottom off the coast of California, according to the command of the 1st expeditionary Marine corps.

Earlier it was reported that one marine was killed and eight of his colleagues went missing and were later confirmed dead in the accident with the car-an amphibian on July 30 off the coast of southern California during the exercise.

American attacked a married couple without masks

In San Diego a woman was attacked with pepper spray at an American married couple in one of the parks of the city. About it injured ash O'brien said in an interview with ABC News.

"I want to go to prison, she attacked my husband, I'm mad," protested O'brien.

Florida has overtaken new York in the number of cases of coronavirus

The American state of Florida on the South of the country surpassed one of the most heavily affected by the coronavirus of the States of new York in the number of cases COVID-19, from the data published on the website of the local branch of the Department of health.

According to the latest data, Florida was 414 511 cases COVID-19, whereas in new York revealed 411 200 cases.

Co-founder of Apple has sued YouTube because of the fraudulent video

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and another 17 people filed a lawsuit in the Supreme court of the state of California against the platform YouTube and owning Google in connection with the service are posted on the video's name is Wozniak used to implement fraudulent schemes through bitcoin, the text of the claim.

"YouTube is laid out in a constant flow of fraudulent videos and advertising campaigns, which falsely used the pictures and videos of plaintiff Steve Wozniak and other prominent entrepreneurs in the technology sector, and that trick YouTube users for millions of dollars", - stated in the text of the claim.

California came in first place for number of cases COVID-19 in USA

California came in first place in the United States in the number of cases of infection with coronavirus, from the data of the local newspaper the Los Angeles Times.

According to the newspaper, on Tuesday, the number of identified cases of infection COVID-19 in the state exceeded $ 409 thousand. Thus, California has bypassed on this indicator of new York and came in first place in the country.

Became known the plans for the fall semester of the best universities in USA

More than half of American universities plan to open their doors to students in the fall, but will significantly reduce the audience and will continue to teach online. RIA Novosti has reviewed plans for the fall semester of five most prestigious universities in America.

Early spring pandemic coronavirus in the United States has deprived the University everyday millions of American students. Contrary to expectations, the summer brought no relief, on the contrary, the number of cases, especially among young people, continues to grow rapidly, which leaves questions about how and when universities will be able to return to training at familiar to COVID–19 understanding.

The hotel USA the robot delivers the wine and cares about social distance

In one of the hotels in California a robot that delivers wine, towels and products, has become the Ambassador of social distancing, according to Lonely Planet.

Technological progress brings many positive emotions in daily life. In 2018, the hotel appeared rose - 30-centimeter robot deliveryman. He entertained guests of all ages, but with the beginning of the pandemic, he had new responsibilities.

The media learned who was behind the burglary Twitter

The recent attack on Twitter was a group of young people from the US and the UK, which communicated with each other in the messenger and the shell which was led by one nick Kirk, who claimed that working in the social network and has internal access to user accounts, the newspaper New York Times with reference to participating in the hacking of hackers and their publishing screenshots of the conversations in the messenger.

As reported by the NYT, they managed to contact with four members of hacking them among users under nicknames lol and ever so anxious. To contact the hackers edition helped the specialist in the field of security from California Haseeb Awan. Avan said that he maintained contact with the hackers, as they previously tried to crack it owned the company.

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