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The result of Belarus told about the "black hand" Belgazprombank

Belarusian state TV channel ONT showed the plot of the new episode in the "Belgazprombank", in which arrested the applicant for the post of President of the Republic Victor Babariko, the story States that the Bank has "black cashier", who was running for the leadership of a foreign currency transaction at a special rate and a "fraud bond".

"The second of April 2020 at a meeting of the Board at the direction of the Chairman of the Board of Babariko was taken the decision on payment of remuneration to the executives of the Bank. The total amount of such compensation amounted to about 5 million (the Belarusian – ed.) rubles. On the day of listing of these awards, namely, 4 APR, closed to service other clients of the Bank head office the box office from 11.00 to 12.35 were artificially reduced rate operations in foreign currency, including if you are using Bank plastic cards", - said in the report, the first head of the Department of financial investigations of the state control Committee (SCC FID) of the country Yuri Mekheda.

Elections in Belarus: where to "disappear" candidates for President

Election of the President of Belarus, which first hit record in the activity of the population and the number of nominees to a crucial stage, according to experts, will come with a newsletter with three or four names, among which no real rivals to the acting head of the Republic Alexander Lukashenko.

In mid-may, when the deadline for the submission of applications on registration of initiative groups, there were 55, which was a record in the history of the country's sovereignty. Then, during three meetings of the Central election Commission the number of candidates was reduced to 15. By the time the climax – the registration of candidates, which should be completed July 14 – fit the seven nominees. "I declare withdrawal from the campaign," "I withdraw my candidacy" - at different times were made by several applicants. Someone wishing to run is now in jail, instead of the other moved his wife.

The headquarters of Babariko and Tsepkalo continue challenging the rejected signatures

The headquarters of candidate for presidency of Belarus Victor Babariko, who is now in the KGB detention centre, contested the court's response to the CEC on a complaint of almost 200 thousand rejected territorial election commissions of voters ' signatures in support of nomination politics as a candidate for the highest office.

Earlier, the CEC reported that only six of the seven candidates for President gathered is necessary for registration as candidates the number of valid signatures. The greatest number of signatures were rejected, Babariko and former head of the HTP administration Valery Tsepkalo, the latter could not eventually overcome the barrier of the required 100 thousand. Presidential elections scheduled for 9 August, 14 July, the CEC at the meeting will consider the registration of applicants as candidates.

Attorney Babariko called made by gostv absurd charges

The lawyer of the candidate for presidency of Belarus, former head of Belgazprombank Victor Babariko, which is in the KGB jail, Dmitry Laevsky called absurd the statements made in the story state TV channel of the charges against his client.

In his opinion, "when enough evidence to show the movie there is no need". "Once the movie appeared, the penny price scenario," said Laevsky. He noted that "to tell a couple of sentences of text below the video one, to prove the sufficiency of these words in the court more, especially when there is something to challenge them".

KGB of Belarus spoke about the evidence in the case of Belgazprombank

Head of investigation Department of the KGB of Belarus Konstantin Bychek said that there was irrefutable evidence of the involvement of all defendants in the "case of Belgazprombank" to alleged crimes.

In June at the head office of BGB, who for 20 years headed the presidential candidates Victor Babariko, were searched. The state control Committee of the Republic said that the Bank acted organized criminal group, the conclusion of money abroad. The eighteenth of June, was detained by Babariko and his son Eduard, who heads the campaign headquarters of his father. All in all, about 20 people were detained, including top managers of the Bank. The investigation of the case entrusted to the KGB. Babariko Sr. is accused of tax evasion, which caused damage in especially large size, legalization of proceeds of crime and bribery.

Protection Babariko asked me to transfer him under house arrest

Protection of the candidate for presidency of Belarus, former head of Belgazprombank Victor Babariko interceding to change his measure of restraint to house arrest, said one of the lawyers of the politician Dmitry Laevsky.

Currently, Babariko is in the KGB jail.

The headquarters of Babariko filed in the Central election Commission of Belarus four new complaints

The headquarters of candidate for presidency of Belarus, former head of Belgazprombank Victor Babariko filed to the CEC of the Republic, four new complaints about a substantial rejection of the signatures collected in support of nomination politics, said staff lawyer Maxim Sign.

Earlier, the CEC of Belarus has published the summary statistics of valid signatures in support of each of the seven participants in the presidential election. From this it follows that 100 thousand valid signatures required for the registration of candidates for the presidency, gathered six people, including Babariko. In support of 165 744 recognized as a valid signature. However, the staff of the policy disagreed and noted that he gave to the territorial election commissions 365,000 signatures, and therefore "want to know what happened to the other 200 000". In this regard, the Commission were filed a number of complaints.

Lukashenko said that does not monopolize power

Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko said that he does not monopolize power, and hoisted on their shoulders burdens because the Belarusians have chosen a state model with a strong presidential power.

Earlier the candidate in presidents of Belarus is scheduled for August 9 election, former head of Belgazprombank Viktor Babariko, who is now in custody in the KGB detention center, has initiated the launch procedure of a referendum aimed at limiting the Constitution of Belarus the number of presidential terms for one person. He proposed to take a sample of the 1994 Constitution, where "has already been provided and the restriction of presidential terms, and the division, now, our three branches of government, and most importantly, was the right of a people to decide their own destiny." Lukashenko said he did not support the idea of returning to the Constitution of 1994 edition, as it will be going back. However, he said that the new version of the Belarusian Constitution will be prepared within two years, and even before its adoption steps will be made for the transfer of powers down to local authorities.

In Belarus detained the helper of Babariko

Elena Karakacheva, personal assistant to the candidate for the post of President of Belarus Victor Babariko, detained and placed in the KGB detention center. This was stated in the staff policy.

"At the first opportunity the attorneys will proceed to protection", - stated in the message.

The Russian Ambassador responded to Lukashenka's words about "interference" in the Affairs of Minsk

Talk about the fact that Moscow had allegedly interfered in the internal Affairs of Minsk in the current election campaign, are not serious, they do not have even a minimum of any grounds, said on Tuesday the Russian Ambassador in Belarus Dmitry Mezentsev.

Earlier the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said he plans to discuss with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin outside interference in elections in the Republic. Lukashenko, in particular, noted that opponents of the current Belarusian authorities are "puppeteers" who "and live in Poland, and from Russia to throw up". Lukashenka did not specify his words, but even before that, the state control Committee (SCC) of the Republic, commenting on the criminal "the case of Belgazprombank", talked about "puppeteers" from among the "big bosses "Gazprom", and maybe higher." Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the accusations against Russian companies on the part of Minsk is unfounded, the economic interests of the giants are under the protection of the Russian Federation.

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