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The headquarters of Babariko asked for change of a preventive measure

The headquarters of the former head of Belgazprombank Victor Babariko, which had previously been denied registration as a presidential candidate and who is in jail for alleged economic crimes, transferred to the state security Committee of Belarus guarantee for change of a measure of restraint policy, reported the press service of the staff.

"Filed", - stated in the press service of the Telegram. A document in the KGB was filed by the representative of a staff of Babariko Maria Kolesnikova.

The Prosecutor General of Belarus reclassified the charges of Babariko

Ex-candidate for presidency of Belarus, former head of Belgazprombank Viktor Babariko charged with - article "bribery" changed to "adoption of official values as part of an organized group," said on Friday the press service of the Prosecutor General of the Republic.

"Twenty-fourth day of July 2020 he (babarika – ed.) brought new charges", - is spoken in the message. Thus, according to the press service, "the actions of Babariko to obtain from representatives of commercial structures illegal monetary compensation in the total amount of more than 28 million Belarusian rubles and their distribution among the leadership of OJSC "Belgazprombank" committed by him as an officer and Chairman of the Board of the Bank, reclassified as ... the adoption of official to himself of property in especially large size the organised group".

Minsk has sent requests for assistance in the case of Belgazprombank in a number of countries

Belarus has sent requests for legal assistance in the investigation of the criminal case, the defendant is the former head of Belgazprombank Viktor Babariko, in Russia, the USA and several other countries said on Friday the press-service of the Prosecutor General of the Republic.

It is noted that the criminal investigation continues.

Protection Babariko filed a complaint to the attorney General

Protection ex-the candidate on a post of the President of Belarus Victor Babariko filed a complaint to the General Prosecutor of the Republic on the newly obtained response of the head of Department of Prosecutor's office on the appeal of the prosecution, told RIA Novosti on Friday, one of the lawyers of the politician Alyaksandr pylchanka has.

"Yes, filed a complaint yesterday morning (to the Prosecutor General – ed.). Not satisfied with the reply of the head of Department (Prosecutor's office – ed.) who answered unmotivated," said pylchanka has. According to him, the prosecution also appealed.

Lukashenko said that Babariko began to testify investigation

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that the former head of Belgazprombank Viktor Babariko began to give testimony to the investigation after he refused to register a candidate for the presidential elections.

Criminal "the case of Belgazprombank", in which is involved in more than 20 people, including top management, coincided in Belarus since the presidential election campaign in which the candidate was nominated, Babariko. The CEC of the Republic on 14 July refused registration as a candidate, the decision was appealed by the lawyers of the policy to the Supreme court. Elections for the highest office appointed in Belarus on 9 August.

In Minsk announced the arrest of accounts of the wife of Deputy Finance Minister of Russia

As part of the investigation "the case of Belgazprombank" allegedly arrested the wife of Deputy Finance Minister Andrei Kruglov, said the Deputy head of the Department of financial investigations of the state control Committee of Belarus Dmitry Diaghilev.

The plot was a result of "Belarus 1", shown on Wednesday, States that "the Russian shareholders of Belgazprombank received and other income from the Belarusian "daughter" under one of them was designed an exclusive agreement for placing the currency of the loan, not available to other citizens".

Tsepkalo said that his staff had organized an unsanctioned rally

The former head of the hi-tech Park administration of Belarus Valery Tsepkalo, who on Tuesday was denied registration as a presidential candidate, said that his staff was not involved in the organization of mass events in the country.

On Tuesday evening in various cities of the Republic were unauthorized mass protests after the decision of the Central election Commission of Belarus to refuse registration of candidates for President, the two politicians - former head of Belgazprombank Viktor Babariko and former head of the HTP administration Valery Tsepkalo. According to the interior Ministry, across the country because of violations of public order were detained more than 250 people. The investigative Committee opened a criminal case on the facts of group actions in Minsk, grossly violating public order and connected with insubordination to the police. The CEC head Lidziya Yarmoshyna said on Wednesday that an unauthorized action "organized and planned" in Belarus headquarters of Babariko and Tsepkalo.

The result of Belarus told about the "black hand" Belgazprombank

Belarusian state TV channel ONT showed the plot of the new episode in the "Belgazprombank", in which arrested the applicant for the post of President of the Republic Victor Babariko, the story States that the Bank has "black cashier", who was running for the leadership of a foreign currency transaction at a special rate and a "fraud bond".

"The second of April 2020 at a meeting of the Board at the direction of the Chairman of the Board of Babariko was taken the decision on payment of remuneration to the executives of the Bank. The total amount of such compensation amounted to about 5 million (the Belarusian – ed.) rubles. On the day of listing of these awards, namely, 4 APR, closed to service other clients of the Bank head office the box office from 11.00 to 12.35 were artificially reduced rate operations in foreign currency, including if you are using Bank plastic cards", - said in the report, the first head of the Department of financial investigations of the state control Committee (SCC FID) of the country Yuri Mekheda.

Elections in Belarus: where to "disappear" candidates for President

Election of the President of Belarus, which first hit record in the activity of the population and the number of nominees to a crucial stage, according to experts, will come with a newsletter with three or four names, among which no real rivals to the acting head of the Republic Alexander Lukashenko.

In mid-may, when the deadline for the submission of applications on registration of initiative groups, there were 55, which was a record in the history of the country's sovereignty. Then, during three meetings of the Central election Commission the number of candidates was reduced to 15. By the time the climax – the registration of candidates, which should be completed July 14 – fit the seven nominees. "I declare withdrawal from the campaign," "I withdraw my candidacy" - at different times were made by several applicants. Someone wishing to run is now in jail, instead of the other moved his wife.

The headquarters of Babariko and Tsepkalo continue challenging the rejected signatures

The headquarters of candidate for presidency of Belarus Victor Babariko, who is now in the KGB detention centre, contested the court's response to the CEC on a complaint of almost 200 thousand rejected territorial election commissions of voters ' signatures in support of nomination politics as a candidate for the highest office.

Earlier, the CEC reported that only six of the seven candidates for President gathered is necessary for registration as candidates the number of valid signatures. The greatest number of signatures were rejected, Babariko and former head of the HTP administration Valery Tsepkalo, the latter could not eventually overcome the barrier of the required 100 thousand. Presidential elections scheduled for 9 August, 14 July, the CEC at the meeting will consider the registration of applicants as candidates.

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