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In the Stavropol region has experienced the installation and call for rain by heating the clouds

The first tests of the experimental setup, heating the clouds to drop rain, have passed in the Stavropol region, reports the North-Caucasian Federal University.

"The use of special reagents for invoking artificial rain is expensive, so in the Stavropol region and in other regions at present, this method is not applicable on an ongoing basis. Alternatively the possibility of promoting the growth of clouds by ground-based powerful heat sources. The latter creates a thermal jet, which acts directly on existing clouds," reports the University.

In the Stavropol region paid tribute to the memory of the victims of the terrorist attack in Budennovsk in 1995

Ceremonies took place in Budennovsk in memory of the victims of the terrorist act in 1995, when more than 160 militants entered the city, took hostage more than 1.5 thousand people in the city hospital, killing and wounding several hundred people, the press service of the Governor of the region.

"The building Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in the Budennovskiy district, the head of the region met with the widows of the defenders of law and order who died during the terrorist attacks. Together with the residents of the city Vladimirov laid flowers to the monument to the buy police. Later-laying ceremony was held at the monument to fallen servicemen of the 487 th helicopter regiment", - stated in the message.

"So we're in": residents recall the capture of Budennovsk in 1995

Residents of the city of Budennovsk admit that even 25 years after rebel attacks on the city trying not to remember those terrible few days. In conversation with the correspondent of RIA of news they talked about the events witnessed: the behavior of terrorists, the work of physicians and their participation in the negotiations, as well as captured the hospital survived the little hostage.

The fourteenth of June 1995 at least 160 militants armed with guns, grenades and explosive devices, led by Shamil Basayev attacked the organizations and citizens of Budennovsk in the Stavropol region. The hostages were about 1.6 thousand civilians were killed and 129 people injured 317. It was the first major terrorist attack in post-Soviet Russia.