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The EU is ready to mediate in the dialogue between the authorities and opposition in Belarus

The European Union will propose to the authorities of Belarus support in the dialogue with the opposition and civil society, said in a statement following an emergency meeting of EU foreign Ministers via videoconference.

"The European Union will present to the Belarusian authorities offer support in establishing dialogue between the government and opposition and the society to resolve the crisis", - the document says.

The Belgian authorities said how to stop a new outbreak COVID-19

Strict limitation of social contacts will help to stop a new outbreak of coronavirus infection COVID-19 in Belgium, said Wednesday the official representative of the Federal anti-crisis headquarters for combating coronavirus Frederick Jacob.

"Limiting the number of contacts is the most effective measure for reducing the spread of the virus. These contacts played an important role in the increased incidence of in recent weeks. The situation is of serious concern," said Jacob at a press conference in Brussels.

Belgium urged to limit contact because of rising cases COVID-19

The Belgian authorities urged residents to limit contact amid rising cases COVID-19 in the country, said Monday the Belgian Prime Minister Sophie Wilmes at a press conference in Brussels following the meeting of the national security Council.

Under the new rules, which take effect from Wednesday, the social circle of a family living under one roof, is reduced from 15 to five. "We are talking about close communion, when social distance is not respected," the Minister explained. According to her, these limitations do not apply to children under 12 years of age.

Europe plans to create a network of ultra speed Railways

Network ultra speed Railways may appear in the countries of the European Union, according to Europulse.

Trains will be able to walk with a speed of 350 kilometers per hour that will cut travel time to Europe in half. To move these machines will be faster than flying (given the way to the airport and go through security).

Prime Minister of Ukraine will pay an official visit to Brussels

Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmyhal announced that Thursday will pay an official visit to Brussels.

"Today in Brussels. It is symbolic that my first official visit will be to the capital of the European Union. After all, the European integration movement of Ukraine for our government is an important priority. Ahead of important meetings, negotiations and signing of important agreements for Ukraine", - wrote Smigel in the Telegram.

The Prime Minister of Ireland has approved the Fund for the victims of Brexit countries

The Prime Minister of Ireland, Michel Martin welcomed the decision of the EU summit to provide in the future the financing of the special Fund in the amount of 5 billion euros to help the countries most affected by Brexit.

"Brexit would be a serious challenge. And I particularly welcome that there was a special Fund in the amount of 5 billion Euro to the countries that are most affected by this decision of the UK to leave the European Union," Martin said during a short news approach after the summit.

Poland will receive about 160 billion euros from the Fund to restore EU

Poland will receive about 160 billion euros from the recovery Fund of the EU, said on Tuesday in Brussels, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

At the EU summit it was about the recovery Fund of the EU. Also at the summit discussed the financial plan of the EU 2021-2027 years.

Macron said the decision on the establishment of the EU Fund historical

The President of France Emmanuel macron called historic for Europe, the date of conclusion of the transaction to Fund the recovery of the EU economy and multi-year financial plan.

"Historic day for Europe," wrote the macron on Twitter.

The fourth day of the EU summit completed

The fourth day of the summit of the European Union harmonization package to support agroekonomika after COVID-19, which includes the recovery Fund and the multi-year budget plan of the EU, lasted all night and ended early Tuesday morning after a serious multi-day talks in Brussels, reported the press Secretary of the head of the European Council of Barend Lats.

The Prime Minister of Belgium Sophie Wilmes at the end of the summit also said on Twitter that there is "good agreement, with a budget of 1,074 billion Euro recovery plan 750 billion."

Media reported about the possible response of China in action against Huawei

The Chinese government can apply restrictive measures to the European telecommunications giants – Finnish Nokia and Swedish Ericsson, if the EU will follow the example of the US and the UK, depriving the Huawei to access a wireless 5G network on the territory of the Union, the newspaper the Wall Street Journal, citing informed sources.

According to the publication, one of the scenarios of the Ministry of trade of China provides for the establishment of export control, which will not allow Nokia and Ericsson to sell Chinese manufactured products in third countries. The source noted that the plan is the most rigid and will be implemented in the case of a complete blockade of Chinese suppliers for 5G network from Brussels.

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