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The Sunday Times reported Skrobala moving to New Zealand

Former GRU officer Sergey Skripal and his daughter Julia moved to live in New Zealand, the British newspaper the Sunday Times, citing sources in the British government.

According to media reports, before Skrypali more years lived in a safe house secret service MI6. One of the sources of the edition reported that the former officer GRU and his daughter "got new names and support to start a new life."

The former head of MI6, said that the coronavirus originated in the laboratory in Wuhan

The former head of British intelligence MI6, Richard Dirlam believes that the coronavirus COVID-19 originated in the laboratory in the Chinese city of Wuhan and spread due to an accident in the lab, reports the Telegraph.

The former head of British intelligence in an interview said that he is familiar with the new "important" research report, which stated that the virus did not appear naturally, but were artificially created by the Chinese scientists. According to him, we are talking about a scientific article in the British and Norwegian scientist, which appeared this week.