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In Britain suspended the easing of quarantine coronavirus

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the suspension of further easing of the quarantine measures in response to the deteriorating situation with the coronavirus in Britain.

"In many ways, the progress (in combating coronavirus) continues... But I have been warned repeatedly that the virus can return, and we will be ready to take decisive action... Today's data from the office for national statistics show that the spread of the coronavirus began to grow for the first time since may, we can't ignore the data," said Johnson at a press conference on Friday.

"Like last time". Who in the world is preparing for the second wave of the pandemic

Six months ago, the world health organization declared the epidemic COVID-19 emergency of international scope. Some countries have already passed the peak of incidence and emerge from the crisis, but nobody relaxes: waiting for new outbreaks. And who argues that the second wave is not: everything is a wave, just very big.

The closest neighbor of China, Vietnam, startled the world, twice turning off the epidemic in the Bud. Flash quickly took control, and although the skeptics were talking about the possibility of fraud statistics in a socialist state, experts of the Vietnamese success is not surprising.

Johnson announced the onset of the second wave of coronavirus in Europe

. In some European countries there are signs of a second wave epidemic of coronavirus, Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the TV channel Sky News.

"We all remember what happened last time. It is vital that we here in Britain were ready for it and has taken all necessary action that we do," he added.

Media: Johnson will revise a number of laws amid concerns over Russia

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is going to revise the laws of treason, state secrets and espionage amid fears over the "interference" of Russia in British policy and deteriorating relations with China, reports the Daily Mail newspaper, citing sources.

It is expected that changes in the law of treason would make criminal those who swear allegiance to a foreign state and trying to enter the UK or operating in the territory of the country. In case of acceptance of amendments it will become a most serious revision of the law of treason from 1695 and allow you to get rid of legal loopholes in the law.

The year the Premiership of Johnson, Brexit, COVID, a child and a policy on the brink of a foul

Prime Minister Boris Johnson on 24 July, celebrates one year at the head of the Cabinet of Ministers: it is time the world changed, the country has changed and changed himself Johnson.

Johnson became Prime Minister at a crucial moment in the country's history: its predecessor, Theresa may has tried everything to persuade his colleagues in Parliament to take at least in some form it agreed with the EU the agreement on Brexit and was forced, choking on tears, to announce the resignation. Johnson, confidently marching to the post of Prime Minister even in the previous elections, the leader of the party and not obtained by chance, here is that opportunities are not missed. He became Prime Minister is easy enough and confidently, but the problem Brexit will not go away.

Media: in Britain want to give more powers to the security services

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson ready to give intelligence agencies more powers to combat foreign interference, according to the publication Times.

The government is planning new laws which will have to interfere with "activities of enemies" in the country. In accordance with the new laws can be created the official "foreign agent" on the model of the approach in the United States and Australia, the newspaper notes. Those who will not report their activities, may be deported or imprisoned.

Pompeo discussed with Johnson the bargain the USA and the UK

U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that during his visit to Britain discussed with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the deployment of 5G networks and the free trade agreement between the countries.

"Constructive meeting with Boris Johnson today. A long-standing and strong bilateral relations between our two countries laid the Foundation for today's open debate of issues, from telecommunications networks 5G to the present negotiations on the free trade agreement between the United States and great Britain," wrote Pompeo in Twitter.

Kosachev commented on a British report on "Russian intervention"

The head of the international Committee of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev commented on the report of the Committee of the British Parliament, noting that Britain is trying to regain the "palm" in European politics, "the lead Russophobia".

He noted that the report surprises the removal of Russia from suspicion on Brexit, the rest there are "piled up, from Scotland to the world order that Russia is also trying to undermine".

In Britain passed the first stage of the test, "Oxford vaccine" from COVID-19

The coronavirus vaccine, developed by scientists at Oxford University, has successfully passed the first phase of the test, announced on Monday the developers of the vaccine, published the results of testing in the British medical journal The Lancet.

In testing the vaccine, dubbed nCoV ChAdOx1-19, in the period from 23 April to 21 may was attended by 1077 people. Vaccination has led to the development of the subjects of the antibodies to COVID-19, said the authors.

A report on "Russian interference" in the politics of Britain will publish on Tuesday

The Committee of the British Parliament on intelligence will release a report about alleged Russian intervention in British politics on Tuesday at 10.30 a.m. (12.30 GMT), the statement of the Committee.

"Report of the Committee on Russia prepared by previous members of the Committee will be submitted to Parliament at 10.30 am (12.30 Moscow time) Tuesday 21 July. It will be available on the website of the Committee," the statement said.

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