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It became known, when will the new book by Victor Pelevin

. New novel by Victor Pelevin "the Invincible sun" goes on sale August 27, announced the publishing house “Eksmo".

We also learned how to look its cover. The details of the plot have not been disclosed.

Named words that are most often encountered in books about Harry Potter

Each next book about Harry Potter British writer JK Rowling was darker and sadder than the previous one, judging by the number of words with negative connotation such as "death", "kill" and "evil". So, the last part of the series contains more than four times as many such words than the first, the statistics of book MyBook service.

In MyBook has identified the words most often used in a series of books. For example, the name Harry Potter is mentioned in the Saga of nearly 20 thousand times. Often there are nouns and adjectives related to the magic wand (1907 times), "magic" (794 times), "magic" (454 times), the conjuring (368 times), "the mantle" (365 times).

Declared the winner of the British children's book award Waterstones

. Nathan Brion and Dapo Adeola enigbokan received a children's book award chain stores for the Waterstones picture book Look Up! ("Look up") about a black girl who enjoys science, The Guardian reports.

The main character named rocket tries to convince his brother, all the while conducting the telephone, to look up at the sky and watch the meteor shower.

Stephen king sold the film rights to three novels three dollars

The media learned, American writer Stephen king sold the film rights to three novels from the book "If it bleeds," published in April of this year. The cost of each was only a dollar, reports Deadline.

So, based on the works of "Mr. Harrigan's phone" (Telephone with Mr. Harrigan") about the friendship of a boy with the late neighbor project will be created for the platform Netflix. The event will be Ryan Murphy ("American horror story", "Glee"), and Director John Lee Hancock ("the blind side").

Announced release date of the collection of previously unpublished short stories by Terry Pratchett

The media learned that the collection, consisting of previously unreleased short stories by the English writer Terry Pratchett, will be released in September of this year, five years after the author's death, according to ActuaLitté.

According to the publication, written by Pratchett in his youth, when he worked at the local newspaper, the bucks free press in the 1960s — beginning of 1970-ies, will be collected in a book called "The time-travelling Caveman" ("a time-Traveling caveman").

J. K. Rowling confessed that she had been subjected to domestic violence

Author of books about Harry Potter, explained on its website, why did you allow yourself to speak out about transgender people, and for the first time admitted that he was the victim of domestic sexual violence.

"I have more than 20 years located in the centre of public attention, and has never talked about what I went through. It is not that I feel ashamed that this happened to me, and that it really hurts to think about it", — she wrote.

The annual book festival "Red square" will be held in Moscow on June 6

Book festival "Red square" will be held for the sixth time in the capital on 6 June, according to the website of the Moscow mayor.

Under the new sanitary and organizational standards at the festival must be wearing a mask and gloves. Visitors are asked to respect social distance — not less than 1.5 meters. The festival will also be subject to regular disinfection of sites.