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Archaeologists have discovered in Peru the subjects of the Incas for sacrifices

Archaeologists from the University of Pennsylvania (USA) and the free University of Brussels found near the North-Eastern shore of lake Titicaca (located on the border of Peru and Bolivia) 500-year-old stone box, according to SCI News.

According to the publication, there was a llama, carved from seashells and a small cylindrical object, covered in gold foil. Most likely, they were intended for a ritual sacrifice by the Incas.

Bolivian authorities have filed a lawsuit against Morales for the rally during a pandemic

The interim government of Bolivia filed a lawsuit to the Prosecutor's office against ex-President Evo Morales and heads of the largest trade Union organization of the country for organizing against the background of the epidemic in the early stages of a large-scale protest against the postponement of the presidential election, told newspaper Pagina Siete.

The Supreme electoral court because COVID-19 has postponed a presidential election in Bolivia from September 6 to October 18. Earlier, the head of the Supreme electoral court of El Salvador, Romero said that the new date of presidential elections in Bolivia is final and will not be changed because of the planned protests.

Media in Bolivian mental hospital died, 14 people from COVID-19

Coronavirus was identified in patients and medical staff of psychiatric hospitals in three cities of Bolivia, 14 people died, told newspaper Pagina Siete.

"The coronavirus has reached psychiatric centers in three cities and has already killed 14 people. The cause of the nine deaths were confirmed by tests, five had symptoms of the disease.... (Centers - ed.) requires everything from gloves to medical oxygen to cope with the situation", - writes the edition.

Interim President of Bolivia have recovered from coronavirus

Interim President of Bolivia Janine Agnes reported that he had recovered from the coronavirus.

"Thank you for your support during my illness. I was discharged and I returned to normal work," she wrote on Twitter.

In Bolivia, did not rule out the second outbreak of the coronavirus in the end of the year

A second outbreak of coronavirus possible in Bolivia in the last months of the year, in the largest departments in the country plateau diseases will continue until October, said Minister of health, ad Rock, that she is sick COVID-19.

"Pandemic shows us that the predictions can be close to reality, but it is very difficult to say to what time, will remain a plateau... (Department) of La Paz, Chuquisaca, Cochabamba began its peak (diseases) later than (departments) of Santa Cruz and Beni, plateau diseases in these three departments will go beyond September," she said in an interview to television channel Red Uno.

Bolivia has postponed presidential elections due to coronavirus

Presidential elections in Bolivia postponed from September 6 to October 18 because of COVID-19, the newspaper Pagina Siete with reference to the head of the Supreme electoral Tribunal of El Salvador, Romero.

"The Supreme electoral court decided to set the date of presidential elections on Sunday, October 18, 2020, with a possible second round of elections on 29 November," - quoted the head of the court edition.

"Promobot" supply terminals for measuring the temperature in Mexico

Perm company "Promobot" (Promobot) in 2020, the supply in Bolivia and Mexico 80 terminals with contactless temperature measuring body, said the Russian export centre (REC).

"To measure the temperature in Bolivia and Mexico will be the device of the Russian company "Promobot". Their terminals are already set to USA, UAE, Germany and Greece. In the framework of agreements signed with partners of the company, in 2020 to Bolivia will go 20 stations "Promobot thermal control", and in Mexico - 60", - stated in the message.

Who assessed the situation with coronavirus in Latin America

The threat of an active transfer and dissemination COVID-19 in Latin America remains high, said at a briefing in Geneva, the Director of the who programme on emergency health Michael Ryan.

"Almost all countries in Latin America present the transmission of the virus among the community. The level of infection stable in some States and continues to grow in others. We had a complicated situation in Bolivia, Colombia and other places, where in recent weeks has increased the number of infections. So I would say that the overall situation in Latin America continues to pose a threat to active transmission COVID-19", - he said.

In Bolivia, the number of cases COVID-19 has exceeded 50 thousand

The number of cases of infection with coronavirus in Bolivia has exceeded 50 thousand, it is reported in Twitter of the Ministry of health of the country.

According to the health Ministry, in recent days were confirmed 1617 new cases and 32 fatalities. In total, Bolivia, the coronavirus has infected 50 867 people, 1898 sick died. The greatest number of infections identified in the largest area of the Department of Santa Cruz: there were 26 124 cases of infection COVID-19.

Temporary Bolivian authorities refused to respond to the queries of the Ombudsman

The transitional government of Bolivia considers that the national Ombudsman Nadia Cruz holds office illegally, and does not intend to respond to her queries, said Deputy Minister of security Wilson Santamaria.

The official said that the government will return no response to requests from human rights activist, temporarily occupying the post of Ombudsman of Bolivia from January 2019. The decision of the Parliament after the resignation of David Tezanos Pinto Cruz was appointed to lead the office of the Ombudsman 90-day period.

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