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Double-deck Boeing 747 arrived in Crimea from Vladivostok direct flight

Double-deck 522-seater Boeing 747 for the first time in the history of the Peninsula arrived on Saturday in the Crimea with a full load on a direct flight from Vladivostok, reported press-service of the airport of Simferopol.

The first flight from Vladivostok to the airport "Simferopol" met water "arch of welcome". The Boeing 747, whose height is eight meters, and a wingspan of 65 meters, passed through to each other from fire trucks to the water jets, reported in a press-service. Direct flights between the capitals of the Crimea, and the Maritime provinces for the first time in the modern history of the country was opened by the airline "Russia", jointly with the tour operator "Biblio-Globus". Earlier flights from Vladivostok were performed with intermediate landings at other airports.

"Russia" opened direct flights from Vladivostok to Simferopol

A direct flight from Vladivostok to the capital of Crimea Simferopol for the first time made the airline "Russia", reports the Vladivostok international airport.

Flights to the capital of the Republic of Crimea is scheduled weekly on Saturdays, departure from Vladivostok at 9.50. The flights are wide-body aircraft, the Boeing 747-400, with seats in the business class. Flight time is about 10 hours. The operator of the Charter programs is the company "Biblio-Globus".

"Russia" began to fly from the cities of the Far East in Sochi and the Crimea

"Rossiya airlines" started to fly from the cities of the Far East in Sochi and the Crimea, according to the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation.

"Today the airline "Russia" together with his travel partner, "Biblio-Globus" start program operations from the cities of the Far East in Sochi and Crimea. The first was the flight Khabarovsk – Simferopol", - is spoken in the message.

Trump took the aviation parade in honor of independence Day USA

The US President Donald trump has taken a massive air parade in honor of independence Day, held over the White house, the broadcast led the White house website.

Before the performance of trump in the air flying "air force one" - the presidential Boeing 747, and then on the lawn in front of Lincoln's monument landed military parachutists. After the speech, trump aerial parade continued. The era of the Second world war represented a military transport C-47, followed by Boeing B-17 "Flying fortress", accompanied by the famous fighter "Mustang" (North American P-51). Was submitted bombers B-25 Mitchell and the giant B-29 Superfortress - planes of this model have carried out the nuclear bombing of Japan.

Media: Boeing stops production of the iconic Boeing 747

Boeing stops production of the legendary "hunchback" airliner Boeing 747-8, although officially this has not yet been announced, said on Friday Agency Bloomberg, citing sources familiar with the situation.

The latest version of this aircraft, despite its popularity among passengers, and have not achieved commercial success because the airline switched to a model with two engines for long routes, said the material. The economic downturn on the background of the coronavirus now complicates the sale of the remaining machines, the Agency said.