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Egypt and Sudan are not in danger of drought because of the dam, said the Ambassador of Ethiopia

Drought in Egypt and Sudan due to construction on the Blue Nile of the Renaissance dam (Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam - GERD) is not threatened, said in an interview with RIA Novosti, Ambassador of Ethiopia to Russia, to Alemayehu Tegegn of Aargau.

"No. We do not have any possibility to create a drought. You know Ethiopia can not bear drought. Drought is a phenomenon out of the will of Ethiopia, it is beyond our capacity. If a drought happens, it will be the responsibility of the three countries – Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt and Ethiopia", - said the Ambassador when asked to comment on forecasts of some experts, stating that GERD can lead to drought in Egypt and Sudan.

Egypt urged the UN security Council to force Ethiopia to temporarily not fill a hydroelectric dam

Egypt urged the UN Security Council to force Ethiopia to abandon the filling of the dam HPP "Revival" to resolve contentious issues, said Monday the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Arab Republic Sameh shoukry.

On Monday, the UN Security Council held a meeting in videoconference devoted to the construction of Ethiopia's hydroelectric power station "Renaissance". Downstream Egypt is concerned that the filling of the dam " will lead to drought in the country. The initiator of the virtual meeting of the UN security Council was Cairo.