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Altai Krai is at the peak incidence COVID-19

Altai Krai is at the peak of the incidence of coronavirus, told journalists the representative of the regional Department of Rospotrebnadzor Elena Bobrova.

"Today, we are on the peak of morbidity (coronavirus - ed.) which, unfortunately, is not yet complete", she said.

In the Altai region died three cases of coronavirus during the day

Three people with the coronavirus passed away in the Altai region for a day, the number of deaths reached 33 in the region, according to regional oberstab on anti-COVID-19.

"For the last day was 3 deaths (2 from 1 coronavirus and is related to other reasons). For the entire period passed away 33 persons, all adults. Of these, 19 are from COVID-19, 12 cases related to other causes of death, 2 - under examination, - stated in the message.