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Resident EAO was convicted of "mining" cafe "Drabadan"

A resident of Birobidzhan of the Jewish Autonomous region was sentenced to three years and two months probation for false report of "mining" cafe "Drabadan" which she did not want to leave, reports the regional Prosecutor's office on Tuesday.

The court found that in April 2019 drunk client of the café, not wanting him to leave at six in the morning, I told one of the officers that "the room bomb, and it will soon explode". The cafe worker called the police. The arrived militiamen evacuated visitors and staff. Premises inspected, explosives not found.

The acting head of the EAO called a new point of economic growth in the region

New points of growth of economy of the Jewish Autonomous region can become projects to create cluster of pharmaceuticals and medical products, as well as a farm for growing ginseng, said in an interview with RIA Novosti acting Governor of the region Rostislav Goldstein.

"In the region in the coming month will complete the registration of all necessary documents for creating a new cluster for production of medical pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and medical products. The project will last six years, the total number of employees that will be involved, – more than 10 thousand," said Goldstein.