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Britney Spears scared of fans of the strange dance

American singer Britney Spears has posted a video in a revealing outfit and frightened fans with his strange dance. The video appeared on Instagram of the singer.

In the frames of Spears dancing in a black sports bra that bares her belly, and short green shorts. Hair of the singer disbanded the eyes apply makeup in the style of Smoky Eyes.

New clip Billy Ailes got millions of views in a few hours

American singer Billy Iles introduced in the Network a new song "My future" and posted on YouTube an animated video for it, created by Director Andrew Onorato.

In a slow and melodic ballad, the singer tells that in love with their future and can't wait to meet him.

Britney Spears laugh users strange dance

American pop singer Britney Spears posted on instagram video, which demonstrates the strange dance that was invented.

Under the hit Nelly Furtado "Say it right" (2006) and track Billy Eilis "I love you" singer takes the movement, something reminiscent of Oriental dance: she twirls hips, spinning and waving his arms. However, many people, this "freestyle" from the winner of the award "Grammy" only laugh.

Billy Ailes suddenly unfollowed everyone in Instagram

American singer Billy Iles unsubscribed from all users in the social network Instagram, including brother Finneas O'connell and childhood idol musician Justin Bieber, reports ET Canada.

According to the publication, earlier Iles placed post (it was deleted later), which wrote: "If I signed for a person who once hurt you, write to me direct. I just unsubscribe from it and will support you."

Billy Ailes talked about the relationship with young people

American singer Billy Ailes in an interview with British GQ told about the relationship with young people, and also again raised the issue of self-acceptance and once again explained why she prefers to wear loose clothing.

Problems in his personal life, although the owner of five awards "Grammy" only 18 years old, is another explanation of why she prefers to wear baggy shirts, pants and suits (formerly Ailes explained that he chose this style, as are unable to put up with the trolling in the Network after one day, published their photos in a swimsuit and t-shirt.– Approx.ed.).