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In new York for the first time in recent months, no one has died from COVID-19

In new York, which was the center of an epidemic of coronavirus in the United States for the first time in recent months, one per day died from the disease, said at a press conference, mayor bill de Blasio.

In the worst days in the state of new York for the day from the coronavirus has killed more than 700 people, more than 3 million came to the hospital. In total, the city of new York from the coronavirus, according to date, died 18 708 people. 4 615 people probably died from this disease.

In new York opposite of trump tower there was an inscription "Black lives matter"

In front of the Trump Tower skyscraper on the roadway of Fifth Avenue caused big yellow inscription Black lives matter ("black Lives matter"), the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

On this stretch of Fifth Avenue is closed for car traffic. Wanting to fit in and be photographed on the background of the label.

Monument to Roosevelt can set next to the monument Witte

The monument to the 26th U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt, who is willing to buy the Fund of Andrey Filatov Art Russe, can set next to monument to Sergei Witte, and the monument to the ruler of Russian colonies in America, Alexander Baranov, may be an important exhibit of the Museum of the Arctic in St. Petersburg, all expenses will be made from personal funds Filatov, told RIA Novosti press-service of the Fund.

Director of the Foundation added that all costs will be financed from personal funds Filatov. The issue is being discussed with the authorities of new York and Alaska, last of the appeal Fund was sent to new York mayor bill de Blasio and mayor of Sitka's Gary Paxton this morning - the city administrator of Sitka, Mr. John Leach, the original complaints are gone to the recipients at DHL, said Lavery.

The mayor of new York has promised to carry out reforms in the police because of the riots

The authorities of new York will hold a series of reforms in the police amid a wave of unrest this week the city - in particular, it is expected to divert part of funding the police to work with young people, said at a press conference, mayor bill de Blasio.

Not so long ago during the protests in new York in addition to calls for justice began to emerge slogans relating to the financing of the police.

In new York lifted the curfew

The mayor of new York bill de Blasio announced the cancellation of curfew in the city since the protests on Saturday were peaceful.

Previously, the government of new York extended a curfew until Sunday amid ongoing unrest.

The new York mayor called for protesters to take the test for coronavirus

The mayor of new York bill de Blasio urged everyone who took part in the protests caused by the death of the African-American George Floyd, to pass tests for coronavirus.

"If you participated in one of these protests, I want to encourage you to take the test for the coronavirus," said de Blasio during the daily press conference, broadcasted on the website of the mayor.

The authorities of new York have expressed condolences to the family of George Floyd

The mayor of new York bill de Blasio and state attorney General Letitia James expressed his condolences to the family of the deceased in the Minneapolis African American George Floyd.

Broadcast the rally, which takes place in the area of Cadman Plaza in Brooklyn, is channel NY1. To honor the memory of Floyd came, according to the channel, more than a thousand people. After the rally, participants will go to the square Foley square to continue their protests.

Russian-speaking community of Brooklyn creates patrols to protect from looters

Russian-speaking community in Brooklyn began to form patrols to protect against actions of provocateurs and looters disguised as protesters for the murder of an African-American George Floyd, told RIA Novosti one of the authors Isaac boltyansky.

He said that some business owners began to stick to the door of the leaflets, which said that they are "white and not enough black support, and they have to leave this area." In the network appeared photos of similar leaflets. One of them in particular begins with the words "Dear white neighbor...". In the UK, so the question of whether enough effort someone sent it to me to fight "white supremacy". The following is a list of such efforts, including, in particular, donations to "support black business", fighting for the rights of African American people. If the recipient did not, his call "to get out of Flatbush".

The mayor of new York urged residents to leave by curfew

The mayor of new York bill de Blasio urged residents to get home by curfew.

"It's time to go home, new Yorkers. Help us keep the city safe today," the mayor wrote on Twitter.

The mayor of new York underestimates the scale of the protests, says Governor Cuomo

The Governor of the state of new York Andrew Cuomo said that new York mayor bill de Blasio underestimates the scale of the problem in relation to protests and employ the insufficient number of police officers.

Peaceful protests escalated on Monday in new York in vandalism, looting and clashes with police. Many stores are boarded up with boards the Windows, to avoid robbery. Several police officers were injured. Just last week affected more than 40 police officers. In total, new York for five days of protests over the death of African American George Floyd was arrested 2 thousand people.

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