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The G20 intend to deal with the consequences of a pandemic COVID-19

The G20 countries will use all available means to confront the consequences of the pandemic coronavirus, including taking measures to protect people's lives, jobs and income, said in a statement following the meeting of Finance Ministers and Central Bank governors "group of twenty", which took place on Saturday via videoconference.

G20 members confirmed their intention to do everything possible to support international trade, investment and economic growth after the pandemic coronavirus. Member States of the G20 also promised to continue efforts to address inequities, including those resulting from the particular impact of a pandemic on the most vulnerable groups of the population.

Siluanov told how the world avoided a collapse of the economy during a pandemic

Measures of the "group of 20" would prevent the worst scenario in the world economy in a pandemic COVID-19, said the head of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation Anton Siluanov, speaking at a meeting of Finance Ministers and Central Bank governors "group of twenty", which took place on Saturday via videoconference.

"Taken "twenty" measures to support the economy and the population both at national and international level was effective and timely, which allowed to prevent the implementation of the most negative scenarios of development of world economy," Siluanov quoted in the message of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.

The UN told about the upcoming meeting of G20 Finance Ministers

The meeting of G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank governors will be held this weekend, said UN Secretary-General antónio Guterres, placing too much hope in resolving the financial problems of developing countries against the background of the pandemic coronavirus.

He recalled that during the last G20 summit acknowledged that countries experiencing large losses in budget revenues, expenses are growing due to the need to respond to a pandemic COVID-19 and to minimize its impact on the economy.

The head of the IMF appointed a new Director of the European Department

The new Director of the European Department of the IMF, in conducting which includes Russia, was Alfred Kammer, said the report Fund released on Wednesday.

The announcement of the intention to appoint him to the post was announced by the head of the Foundation, Kristalina Georgieva, said there. He works at the IMF since 1992. Kammer participated in programs to support economies during the transition period after the fall of the Berlin wall, and was in Russia as a representative during the 1998 crisis.

Russia must adhere to free trade, says Medvedev

Russia in conditions when other countries impose trade restrictions, it is advisable to adhere to the principles of free trade taking into account the requirements for protection of security and national interests, the article says the Deputy Chairman of the security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev in the journal "Russia in global politics".

"Although the introduction of the various countries of restrictive measures in trade in goods and services has undermined the functioning of the international trading system and global value chains, in accordance with the agreements of the G20 and APEC, the recommendations of the world trade organization (WTO) and the world health organization (who), restrictive trade measures in order to deal with the consequences of a pandemic, needs to be adequate and to be of a temporary nature", - says Medvedev.

Macron and XI Jinping discussed the coronavirus, Africa and climate

The President of France Emmanuel macron and Chinese President XI Jinping held telephone talks, discussing the situation with the coronavirus, as well as support for Africa and climate change.

It is noted that the two leaders "discussed the implementation of priorities and future stages of an ambitious global strategic partnership, uniting the two countries". "In the face of growing tension in the world the President of the Republic expressed their determination to build a strong international response to the pandemic around the three priorities in the multilateral framework and on the basis of jointly developed rules," - said the administration of the Macron.

G20 countries will allocate more than 21 billion dollars to combat coronavirus

The G20 and invited countries will allocate more than 21 billion dollars to fight against the new coronavirus infection, said in a statement published on the official website of the "Twenty".

It is noted that these funds will be used for diagnosis, vaccines, treatment, and research and development.

Maas expressed doubt in necessity of attraction of G7 in third countries

Foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas expressed doubt about the need for "intermediate format" between the G7 and the G20 by bringing in seven third countries.

"In addition, (G7), there is the G20 format. Does it make sense to create such an intermediate format - I have my doubts about this," said Maas at a briefing in Berlin, answering the question about the possible expansion of the G7 at the expense of third countries.

On ladders chair. Whether Russia friendship against China

Donald trump is going to postpone the summit "the Big seven" before the fall, and wants to invite four other countries: Russia, South Korea, Australia and India, as the current format, he said, obsolete. China was not invited — is not surprising, because the behavior of China and propose to discuss at the meeting. Will the friendship Moscow against Beijing, versed RIA Novosti.

"Russia expelled from the G7 following the invasion of Crimea. It is not included and will not be included in "Seven" because of the constant disrespect and unpunished violations of international rules and norms" — so the canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke about the initiative of the President of the United States.

By hook or China — Russia will again try to lure the West into a trap

Now Russia needs the West more than the West needs Russia, and the farther, the stronger it will be shown — this banal idea is very difficult to learn not only a few of Westerners, but also by Western leaders. It is very difficult to accept that the rules of the game and the agenda in relations with Russia is determined not much stronger in the West — but this lack of understanding is itself evidence that the Atlantic world is a thing of the past, leaving behind only the usual cliches.

Last year, on the eve of the summit "the Big seven" in Quebec city, trump talked about it — but then no one except the Italian Prime Minister, openly did not support it. Now trump has decided to go to the other side. Last weekend, he told his companions on the flight from Florida to reporters that the "Big seven" is outdated.

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