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In Minsk, the security forces attacked journalists of the Russian service Bi-bi-si

Security forces attacked journalists of the Russian service Bi-bi-si in Minsk, reported on the newspaper's website.

"The film crew of bi-Bi-si in Minsk were attacked by security forces during protests on August 11. All three journalists had accreditation issued by the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Belarus, were all in vests and identification with the identity", - stated in the message.

"Words cannot Express". Who supplied the girls in the house of the rich in the United States

In the case of an American financier and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein a new twist. After August 2019, the he killed himself in prison, the investigation establishes new offences and looking for accomplices. Possible accomplice of Epstein — his friend, socialite Gilane Maxwell. The prosecution believes that she was put buddy underage "masseuses". That is known about this story — in the material RIA Novosti.

In the detention center Brooklyn Maxwell is waiting for the court hearing is scheduled for July 14. A week ago, 58-year-old woman was hiding in his mansion in new Hampshire. The house she purchased for cash through frontman and lived there under a false name.