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China called upon India to immediately stop provocations on the border

China urges India to immediately stop all provocative activities in the border area of Ladakh, where the clashes have killed three Indian soldiers, the statement of the official representative of the Western military district of the armed forces of the PRC Zhang Shuili.

"We demand the Indian side to immediately stop all provocative actions that violate the rights (China – ed), to meet with the Chinese side to return to the path of dialogue to resolve the existing contradictions," reads the statement.

Experts commented on the incident on the border of China and India

The incident on the Indian-Chinese border, which, according to the Beijing and new Delhi, there are victims on each side, was a tragic accident, which was not interested, neither India nor China has created a bad situation, it's a tradeoff, consider interviewed by RIA Novosti experts.

Previously, Beijing had asked the Indian side about the meeting after the incident in the border region of Ladakh, killing three Indian military, told RIA Novosti source in the Ministry of defence of India. During the incident on Monday evening clashes, one officer and two Indian soldiers were killed, at the moment high-ranking military officials of the two countries are negotiating to resolve the situation at the border.

Indian and Chinese military will discuss the situation in Ladakh

Senior officers of India and China on 6 June will discuss the situation on the line of actual control in Ladakh, said the defence Minister of India Rajnath Singh in an interview to News18.

Between China and India has a long-standing territorial dispute about the ownership of the plot of the mountainous area in the North of Kashmir, and almost 60 thousand square kilometres in the North-Eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh. The line of actual control passes into the region of Ladakh. In the fall of 1962, the dispute escalated into a border war. In 1993 and 1996, China and India signed the agreement on maintaining peace in the disputed areas.

Google removed from the app store, removing the Chinese program

Google removed from the store popular in India, the Remove app China App that allows you to detect and remove from your smartphone developed in China program, according to the portal TechCrunch.

As pointed out by portal, Remove China App, which was developed by the Indian company OneTouch AppLabs is one of the most popular applications in India. From the end of may, users in the country have downloaded it over 5 million times. Such interest among the Indian audience portal explains the increase in anti-Chinese sentiment on the background of aggravation of territorial dispute between the two countries.