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In the United States has prepared a draft limiting the actions of the Federal police

Senators Bernie Sanders and Jeff Merck has prepared a draft law restricting the actions of Federal police in the USA and requiring the police to wear the insignia.

"Together with Senator (Democrat) Jeff Merk, Oregon I introduce a bill that will significantly restrict the activities of the Federal military in our municipalities," wrote Sanders in a message to supporters.

Arsonists America working for re-election trump

Everything that makes a fool, all he is doing is wrong — this folk wisdom more applicable than to what is happening in the States, or rather to attempt establishment "convert the imperialist war into civil," that is to ride the racial and social protest after the murder of George Floyd and wrap it into a popular uprising against Donald trump.

And if you set fire to the house, the cockroaches because it will burn? Have not tried? — But really, let's match!