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At the hospital in Bergamo there are only 30 patients with COVID-19

A leading hospital of the Italian city of Bergamo, which became most affected by the pandemic coronavirus in the world, last week celebrated the latest discharge of a patient from the intensive care and hopes that by early August, the infected it will not do, said in an interview with RIA Novosti chief physician of the hospital of Pope John XXIII throughout Fabio (Fabio Pezzoli).

In June, the mayor of Bergamo, where there are 120 thousand people, said that the city as a result of infection by the coronavirus have been 670 deaths, making it the most affected city in the world in proportionate terms. Throughout the province of Bergamo, according to official figures, there are more than 3 thousands of victims of the epidemic, however, local authorities estimate them at two to three times more.

In Italy, the schoolchildren began to pass the final exams in a COVID-19

About half a million Italian students began on Wednesday to pass the final exams, which for the first time in the history held in the Apennines, in strict observance of safety measures related to pandemic COVID-19.

Because of the extraordinary health situation written final exams in Italy this year have been cancelled. This time the students will have one hour to interview with members of one of 13 thousand examination committees in various disciplines, and the emphasis is made on the knowledge of Italian language and literature.

Bergamo was the most affected by the coronavirus city, said the mayor

The Italian city Bergamo, where 120 thousand people have lost 670 people who have died from the coronavirus, making it the most affected city in the world in proportionate terms, said the mayor Giorgio Gori.

"According to official data, which reports Lombardy, in the Bergamo province killed 2700-2800 people, truth be told, I stopped to watch them. These figures come from the bodies of the censuses of the population, which show a difference in deaths between the spring of this year with previous years. This difference is very significant, because we are talking about six thousand deaths. This actual number of deaths associated with the coronavirus," said Gori, a press conference for foreign journalists.

More than half of the inhabitants of Bergamo found antibodies to coronavirus

More than half of the inhabitants of the Italian city of Bergamo, which has become one of the most affected by the epidemic COVID-19 cities in the country have antibodies to the coronavirus, said Monday the city health Agency (ATS Bergamo).

Antibody test COVID-19 lets you find out including the ill person infection or not. Antibodies indicate whether an immune response to the coronavirus, regardless of whether there had been any signs of the disease or it is asymptomatic.

Military doctors of Russia and Italy will continue to liaise to combat COVID-19

Military doctors of Russia and Italy will continue its contacts and exchange of experience in the fight against the pandemic coronavirus, said Italian Ambassador in Moscow Pasquale Terracciano.

"In the early days of an emergency situation related to the coronavirus, spontaneous, immediate cooperation exists between the Italian and Russian research institutions," said Terracciano online briefing, organized by MIA "Russia today".