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Media have reported attacks on the protesters in tel Aviv

Unknown in black attacked the protesters against the police action in tel Aviv, five people were injured, said the publication "Haaretz".

As writes the edition, the participants of the protest on Tuesday evening in tel Aviv marched from the house of the Minister of internal security Potection Amir Ayalon highway. Unknown "suddenly started beating" protesters. The attackers in black threw stones, glass bottles and sprayed with tear gas, causing five people were injured.

The Minister of defence of Israel has instructed the army to maintain combat readiness on the border

The Israeli defense Minister benny Gantz after meeting nachgenshtaba army Aviv Kohavi, Director of military intelligence tamira Heyman and other senior military officials instructed the army to maintain a high alert along the Northern border, reported the press service of the Ghanaian.

"Gantz instructed the IDF to maintain high combat readiness in the area and to use all necessary means, emphasizing that Israel will not tolerate violations of its sovereignty. He said that the IDF and all the security service will respond to any threat to Israeli citizens", - the press-service of the Minister of defence.

In tel Aviv rally dissatisfied with the actions of the authorities in the period COVID-19

Residents of tel Aviv gathered on the square Yitzhak Rabin, in protest against the actions of the Israeli authorities during a pandemic coronavirus, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

Several thousand people lined the square and surrounding streets and waving banners and flags - black and flags of Israel. On stage, climb the speakers that tell about the difficulties faced by their business. Their stories, the crowd meets with thunderous applause and cheering.

Netanyahu and Gantz fighting for options for the future of annexation, says expert

The government of Israel is a struggle for the parameters for the future annexation of the territories of the West Bank of the Jordan river, while the leader of the "Kahal-Lebanon" defense Minister benny Gantz will come out of coalition government to prevent Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to extend Israeli sovereignty over the settlement enclaves, said to RIA Novosti, the political scientist Arik Elman.

"The annexation was not supposed to begin on 1 July - this was the date in the agreement Gantz and Netanyahu as the point after which the Prime Minister may make proposals for annexation to a government free of veto by "Kajol Laban". It is hard to imagine that "Kajol Laban" is in violation of this agreement and under the threat of the elections will require Netanyahu to abandon the annexation in any form," - said Elman. In his opinion, primarily due to the fact that, according to sociologists, the situation of Ganz's not the most durable.

The Vatican is concerned about the possible actions of Israel in Palestine

The Holy see is concerned about "possible unilateral acts that could jeopardize the search for peace between Israelis and Palestinians", as well as further complicate the situation in the middle East.

As reported in the evening on Wednesday the press service of the Holy see, the Vatican's Secretary of state cardinal Pietro Parolin specifically met with the ambassadors of the United States and Israel to Express that concern.

Israel allowed the transfer of annexation of the West Bank because of COVID-19

The spread of Israeli sovereignty on the part of the land of the West Bank of the Jordan river "will wait", and other issues, not related to the suppression of coronavirus, said the Minister of defence and the replacement of the Prime Minister benny Gantz.

"All that is not to combat the coronavirus, wait," said Gantz at the meeting of the faction "Kajol-Laban".

Vershinin discussed with the representative of the foreign Ministry of Belgium, the middle East

Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Vershinin discussed by telephone with the Director General for political Affairs Ministry of foreign Affairs of Belgium Axel Kenes, a number of international issues and regional problems in light of their consideration in the UN Security Council, including the middle East settlement and the situation with the Treaty on open skies, said the Russian foreign Ministry.

As have informed in the Russian foreign Ministry, the telephone conversation was initiated by the Belgian side.

Media: the Israeli military stopped the convoy of Prime Minister of Palestine

The Israeli military was not allowed to drive in the Jordan valley a convoy of vehicles, which were the Prime Minister of Palestine, Mohammed Stye and Ministers of his government, reports the Palestinian newspaper Al-Quds.

According to the newspaper, Israeli soldiers blocked the road column with Stage heading to the village of Fazail, where they planned a meeting of the Palestinian government discussed the counter the plans of Israel to Annex the Jordan valley.

European countries in the UN security Council does not recognize the annexation of the West Bank

European countries included in the UN Security Council declared that Israel's annexation of the West Bank of the Jordan river will entail consequences for their relations with tel Aviv, and the annexation of Europe will not be recognized.

The statement was made by current members of the security Council and European countries, who occupy seats in the Council in 2021. Among them: Germany, France, UK, Belgium, Estonia, Ireland, Norway.

European countries have warned of the consequences of the annexation of the West Bank

The annexation of the territories on the West Bank of the Jordan river will have negative implications for Israel's security, said European countries included in the UN Security Council.

The statement was made by current members of the security Council and countries that will occupy a seat in the Council in 2021. Among them: Germany, France, UK, Belgium, Estonia, Ireland, Norway.

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