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In Israel, introduced the decision on subsidies to private entrepreneurs

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Finance Minister Yisrael Katz presented for approval to the government the decision on granting subsidies in the amount of 7.5 thousand shekels (about 153 thousand rubles) individual entrepreneurs.

"July 12, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Finance Minister Yisrael Katz presented for approval to the government the decision on granting subsidies in the amount of 7.5 million shekels to private entrepreneurs and also owners and co-owners of a business enterprise (paid) and business enterprises. We are talking about businesses whose income dropped significantly in the prevalence of coronavirus," - said in a joint statement, Prime Minister's office and Advisor to the Minister of Finance.

Netanyahu praised the "deal of the century" trump on Israel and Palestine

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a telephone conversation with President of France Emmanuel Makron and noted that "peace plan" US President Donald trump contains new ideas, allowing to achieve real progress.

"The Prime Minister said that Israel acts on the basis of international law. He stressed that previous attempts for 53 years led to the failures, and their repetition will lead to failure" - leads the press service quoted Netanyahu.

A return to isolation. Who faces a new quarantine

. The world health organization has sounded the alarm. After the weakening of quarantine in America, Europe and the middle East, the incidence of coronavirus has increased dramatically. The total number of infected people in the world closer to 12 million, but epidemiologists believe: this is not the limit. Doctors are encouraged to return the limit, otherwise avoid the second wave. Where once again impose a curfew and how it responds to a population, understood to RIA Novosti.

"The virus is fanaticism. It is not intimidating totalitarian methods. He's smarter and will kill the national economy. But as a man I will deal with infection," he promised Air Bolsonaro at a rally of the opponents of quarantine. After an emotional speech, the President of Brazil shook hands with the audience, some hugged and patted on the shoulder.

Netanyahu and Gantz fighting for options for the future of annexation, says expert

The government of Israel is a struggle for the parameters for the future annexation of the territories of the West Bank of the Jordan river, while the leader of the "Kahal-Lebanon" defense Minister benny Gantz will come out of coalition government to prevent Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to extend Israeli sovereignty over the settlement enclaves, said to RIA Novosti, the political scientist Arik Elman.

"The annexation was not supposed to begin on 1 July - this was the date in the agreement Gantz and Netanyahu as the point after which the Prime Minister may make proposals for annexation to a government free of veto by "Kajol Laban". It is hard to imagine that "Kajol Laban" is in violation of this agreement and under the threat of the elections will require Netanyahu to abandon the annexation in any form," - said Elman. In his opinion, primarily due to the fact that, according to sociologists, the situation of Ganz's not the most durable.

Netanyahu called an "emergency" situation of coronavirus in Israel

Israel is in "an emergency situation" in connection with the coronavirus may be adopted additional restrictive measures, said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

"At the same time, we are in the center of a renewed attack of coronavirus, a very strong attack which increases and spreads across the globe and also here," Netanyahu said at the Cabinet meeting.

The doctor said the danger of a new wave COVID-19 along with seasonal SARS

A new wave of infection with coronavirus is expected in November and December, you need to seriously prepare for it, because it can be complicated by seasonal SARS outbreak like COVID-19 symptoms, said in an interview with RIA Novosti former head of the world Union of doctors, WMA, Professor Leonid Eidelman.

According to the Professor, that by November, when the predicted wave of the epidemic will overlap the seasonal outbreak of SARS, should be fully mobilized health care system. The autumn wave of disease, by all accounts, will be more significant than the growth of infections associated with the abolition of quarantine restrictions, he said.

Israel returned to a policy of constraints due to coronavirus

Israel is forced to return to the policy limits due to a sharp increase in the number of cases COVID-19, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a special televised address, which was broadcast by Israeli television channels.

"In the beginning of the week we had about 450 cases a day, now almost 1000. From Sunday until today, the daily number of detected patients has doubled... the Number of seriously ill patients is also growing... We are forced to return to a policy of restrictions to curb this growth," - said the Prime Minister.

Bogdanov discussed with the Palestinian Ambassador the situation in the middle East

Special representative of Russian President for the Middle East and Africa, Deputy foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov received the Ambassador of the state of Palestine in Moscow Abdelhafiz of Novalia, said the foreign Ministry.

"They discussed the situation in the middle East with a focus on the prospects for a Palestinian-Israeli settlement and the restoration of inter-Palestinian unity, as well as a number of practical issues in Russian-Palestinian cooperation, including in the light of combating the spread of coronavirus infection", - said the foreign Ministry.

Israel will continue to act in Syria against Iran, Netanyahu said

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Iran in the continued secret development of nuclear weapons and said that Israel will continue military actions against the Islamic Republic, to prevent its military entrenchment in Syria.

"We are determined, and Israel will not allow Iran to gain a foothold militarily in Syria. We have taken forceful military action against Iran in Syria and elsewhere as needed. Israel will continue to implement those actions necessary to prevent Iran from developing even a single terrorist and military front against Israel in Syria," - said the Prime Minister before meeting with US special envoy on Iran by Brian Hook on Tuesday in Jerusalem.

Media: companies from the UAE and Israel will cooperate in the fight against COVID-19

Two private Emirati company signed an agreement with Israeli companies on joint research to combat COVID-19, reported on Thursday, a UAE news Agency WAM.

As noted by the Agency, "in light of the outbreak of coronavirus in the world, when the crisis is forcing humanity to the common effort in research, development and technology to guide them for the benefit of mankind, two private companies from the UAE and two of the Israeli company announced the launch of several joint projects in the field of medicine and to fight COVID-19".

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