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In Jerusalem to protest detained 16 people

Sixteen people were detained during the riots at a protest in Jerusalem on Thursday evening, reported the press service of the Israel police.

The protest was held in Jerusalem near the residence of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu late Thursday evening - after the end of the post Tisha b'av, established in memory of the destruction of the First and Second temples in Jerusalem and other tragic events in Jewish history.

Israeli citizens will receive payouts on the background of the pandemic

The Israeli Knesset approved on Wednesday in the second and third readings of a program that pays a one-time subsidies to the citizens of Israel against the background of the pandemic, reported the press service of the Minister of Finance.

"This program Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Finance Minister Yisrael Katz on payment of lump-sum subsidies for every citizen of Israel. The grant aims to help various segments of the population, and in particular aims to promote consumption and employment in terms of the epidemic of the coronavirus", - said the press service of the head of the Finance Department.

Netanyahu praised the willingness of the Israeli army

The Hezbollah must understand that the Israeli army is ready for any scenario and will do anything to protect themselves, said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

"I was under the impression that the IDF is well prepared for any possible scenario. We continue to act to thwart Iran's military presence in our region. We will do everything possible to protect yourself, and I suggest "Hezbollah" to take this simple fact into account. Israel ready for any scenario" - leads the office of the Prime Minister's statement, which he did after the morning safety assessment of the Northern regions the day after "a military incident" at the border.

Media reported about the growing tension on the border of Lebanon and Israel

The Israeli army is amassing forces to the Lebanese border and taking additional measures in anticipation of retaliation for the Lebanese movement "Hezbollah" after the death of its fighters as a result of Israeli air RAID in the South of Damascus, writes the Lebanese newspaper "al-Akhbar".

According to the newspaper, the Israeli military went on the alert, without waiting for the official statements of the Shiite party, while the leadership of Hezbollah is in no hurry to give any of the promises associated with the responses, reserving the right to respond in any place at any time.

Hearing in the cases of Netanyahu will take place on 6 December

The next meeting of the Affairs of the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu will take place on 6 December, according to radio station "Galei the IDF".

The first meeting in the Jerusalem district court, where the defendants were accused in cases of corruption and betrayal of public trust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, was held at the end of may, the second in July. At the end of the July meeting it was agreed that the next hearing will take place in early 2021, in a week will be held three meetings.

Netanyahu accused Lebanon and Syria all attacks on Israel from their territories

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Iran will not be allowed to establish a military base on the Northern border of Israel, and called Lebanon and Syria responsible for any attacks on Israel from their territory.

"We will not allow Iran to establish a military base on our Northern border. Lebanon and Syria responsible for any attack from their territory against Israel... We cannot undermine our security, we cannot allow them to threaten our citizens... the IDF is ready to respond to any threat," Netanyahu said.

The protests in Israel detained more than ten people

Protests were held in several Israeli cities, more than ten people were arrested and one injured.

According to the newspaper Haaretz, more than five thousand people gathered Saturday evening for a protest outside the residence of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem. In addition, protests were held in tel Aviv and Caesarea near the house of the head of the Cabinet.

Netanyahu plans to counter Iran in Syria

Israel acts and will act against Iranian attempts to gain a foothold in Syria, said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday evening at a press conference, which was broadcast on Israeli TV.

"We operate against the Iranian attempts to gain a foothold in Syria. It's no secret, and you know it. We diligently and continually are there for already several years", - said the Prime Minister in response to a reporter's question about whether the fear in Israel is the reaction of the group "Hezbollah" in connection with the recent events on the border.

In Jerusalem to protest detained more than 30 people

More than 30 people were detained for violation of the right to protest in Jerusalem, according to Israeli police.

"In Jerusalem at the protests was detained 34 people," - told RIA Novosti the representative of the Israel police Michael Zingerman.

Israel has arrested suspected of threatening the Prime Minister and officials

The suspect in the spread of the Internet threats against the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu and other officials arrested and brought before the court, reported the press service of the police of the country.

"Libertreserve police arrested the suspect at the age of 23 years old from Netanya city after he sent threatening messages to government officials, including the Prime Minister," - said in a statement to the police.

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