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In the Belgorod region, a hurricane damaged the roofs of ten houses

A hurricane in settlement Northern the Belgorod region have damaged roofs of 10 houses, including the buildings, the authorities will settle homeless people, told journalists the head of the village, Oleg Kashirin.

A hurricane swept over the village at about 14.00. Social media users posted photos and videos as the wind blows the roofs of the buildings. In the air circling the wreckage, the wind breaks the trees and fences.

In Belgorod died trauma, infected COVID-19 from the patient

The surgeon of the Belgorod regional clinical hospital has died, ill COVID-19 after contact with a patient, reported the regional government.

"In the region died 17 patients with confirmed COVID-19. As reported in the Department of health of the Belgorod region, the deceased - a resident of the Belgorod region, surgeon of the regional hospital. He contracted the coronavirus from contact with the patient", - stated in the message.