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"Belavia" renewed the suspension of regular flights to Russia and Kazakhstan

The Belarusian airline "Belavia" on the background of the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 extended the suspension of regular flights to Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan to July 31, inclusive, reported RIA Novosti on Tuesday in the company.

In a pandemic coronavirus, a number of countries have adopted quarantine measures and closed their borders to foreigners, was suspended regular air and rail links.

Export flight from Cairo flew to Moscow

The plane with almost 240 passengers on Board took off on Wednesday from Cairo international airport to Moscow, evacuating those wishing to leave Egypt, told RIA Novosti head of the consular Department of the Russian Embassy in Cairo Yusup Abakarov.

Board the Egyptian airline EgyptAir flew on Wednesday from Cairo at 12.30 local time (13.30 GMT) with a delay of almost two hours. Landing in airport "Domodedovo" is expected around 17.30 GMT.

Belarus will resume Charter flights to Turkey in July

Belarus from July resumes Charter flights for tourists to Turkey, despite the pandemic COVID-19, reported Tuesday on the website of the Republican Union of tourist organizations.

"In June, "Belavia" will join its schedule of flights by Turkish routes", - stated in the message.