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Iran said when they will announce the causes of the accident at the nuclear facility

Iranian authorities will announce at the appropriate time, the causes of the accident at the nuclear facility, a spokesman of the government Ali Rabia, without confirming or denying the information about the sabotage.

The New York Times, citing sources reported that the explosion at the Iranian Natanz, which could be the diversion of Israel.

Media: Israel attacked a nuclear facility in Iran

Israel made a diversion by activating the nuclear facility in Natanz Iranian explosive device, reports the New York Times, citing sources.

The atomic energy organization of Iran (AEOI) on Thursday reported about the incident on one of the projects under construction at the plant for uranium enrichment in Natanz, local authorities said the fire. It was noted that no one was hurt, the leakage of radioactive materials. On Sunday, the spokesman of the AEOI behrouz of Kamalvandi said that Iran at the facility in Natanz was planning the production of advanced centrifuges.

In Iran said about the ability to provide themselves with nuclear fuel without Russia

Iran is able to provide itself with nuclear fuel and without Russia, said the official representative of the organization of atomic energy of Iran (AEOI) behrouz of Kamalvandi.

At the end of April from Russia on the site of the Bushehr nuclear power plant was delivered a fresh batch of nuclear fuel required for the further successful functioning of the reactor.