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In Parliament demanded to investigate cases of looting in Donbass

Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine from party "Oppositional platform For life," Ilya Kiva told about the facts of looting on the part of the Azov battalion (a battalion against members of which the Russian Federation initiated a criminal case) during the armed conflict in the Donbass in 2014 and demanded the General Prosecutor to investigate the crime.

"In 2014, during the ATO (anti-terrorist operation, so-called in Kiev, the armed conflict in the Donbas – ed.) in the East of Ukraine took place the illegal actions of representatives of the Azov regiment, which is stationed in Mariupol. We are talking about a systematic destruction and looting of irrigation system on the territory of Donetsk region representatives of the regiment", - stated the Deputy's request Kiva to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Iryna Venediktova, which on Tuesday published on the website of the party "Opposition platform For life".