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In Rostov pumped out water from homes after flooding

Over the early area of private homes, railroad tracks and socially important facilities in the Rostov region completely freed from water, reported in the EMERCOM of Russia.

According to the report, July 16, in the Rostov region was declared a storm warning about the complex adverse metaoffline, which is partially justified. In Rostov-on-don and Bataisk rain flood began on the morning of 17 July, resulting in waterlogged low-lying areas and areas.

In Rostov-on-don and Bataisk liven podtopil more than 20 homes and 60 yards

Torrential rain on Friday podtopil more than 20 houses, about 60 yards, roads and social facilities in Rostov-on-don, Bataisk, told journalists the representative of GUMCHS of Russia across the Rostov region.

The downpour began in Rostov-on-don and Bataisk on Friday morning. The movement of trams and trolley buses was suspended. Suffered two railway tracks in the district of Rostov station.