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The Russian delegation discussed with Assad the provision of humanitarian aid to Syrians

The special representative of the President of Russia SAR, Alexander Lavrentiev and the Deputy head of the Russian foreign Ministry Sergey Vershinin and discussed with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad cooperation to provide humanitarian assistance to Syrians, and to restore infrastructure, according to the Russian foreign Ministry.

Earlier Wednesday, the press service of the presidential Palace of Syria reported that Assad took Lavrentiev and Vershinina, during the meeting they discussed the developments in Syria. Lavrentiev gave the President and people of Syria congratulations on the successful holding of parliamentary elections. The Syrian leader also discussed with the Russian delegation the process of preparing for a meeting of the constitutional Commission on Syria in Geneva next month and action the different parties to create a favorable atmosphere for the negotiations.

In Lebanon consider it important to promote industrial cooperation with Syria

The Ministry of industry of Lebanon and Syria must conduct direct negotiations for the development of food facilities and pharmaceuticals despite the full pressure of several countries, said in an interview with Syrian state TV channel "surija" the Minister of industry of Lebanon Imad Hoballah.

"The government and the Ministry of industry in particular considers areas of cooperation with Syria. We look forward to a direct meeting of the ministries of industry of Syria and Lebanon in the near future", - said the Minister.

The white house has promised new sanctions against Syria

The United States will continue to impose new sanctions against Syria in the framework of the campaign of pressure on Damascus, said the press Secretary of the President of the United States kaley Makineni.

"Will follow the new sanctions, which will be part of the ongoing campaign of economic and political pressure designed to keep the regime (of President Bashar) al-Assad of the resources that he uses to war against the Syrian people," - said in a written statement Makineni.

US calls on Russia to put pressure on Damascus

USA close consultations with Russia on the situation in Syria and hopes that Moscow will have a Damascus pressure for a political settlement of the conflict in the country, said Deputy assistant Secretary of state Joel Rayburn

"We are having very close consultations with our Russian partners and continue to encourage them to use the influence that they have on the Assad regime, and we believe that this is a very serious impact, use it to put pressure on the regime to adhere to resolution 2254 of the UN security Council to find a political settlement of the Syrian conflict," said Rayburn during a telephone briefing.

Assad received in Damascus, the special representative of the President of Russia

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad received in Damascus, the special representative of the President of Russia on SAR and Alexander Lavrentyev, the Deputy head of Russian foreign Ministry Sergei Vershinin, the press service of the presidential Palace.

Lavrentiev gave the President and people of Syria congratulations on the successful holding of parliamentary elections.

"It will be a nightmare": what's cooking militants in Idlib

The head of the Russian Center for reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria, rear Admiral Alexander Shcherbitsky said that the terrorist group "Hayat Tahrir al-sham"* in the vicinity of the town of Sarmad produced 15 homemade bombs containing unknown toxic substance. They are going to blow up in crowded places in the province of Idlib. Chemical provocation of the Syrian war — in the material RIA Novosti.

Before the civil conflict Arab Republic had an impressive Arsenal of chemical weapons. According to experts, it could produce sarin, mustard gas, Tabun and VX in the amount of up to several hundred tons per year. Fighting chemicals synthesized in five companies in al-Safira, Latakia, Palmyra, Hama and HOMS. According to the official position, toxic substances required Damascus to deter Israel.

Assad and his wife voted in the elections to the people's Council of Syria

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his wife ASMA voted in the parliamentary elections at a polling station in the Ministry of presidential Affairs in Damascus, the press service of the presidential Palace.

Sunday at 8.00 in Syria opened 7331 polling station. 250 Deputy mandates are fighting more than 1.6 thousand candidates.

In the state Duma hope to continue working with the new people's Council of Syria

"The friendship group with Russia" will continue to work with the new composition of the people's Council of Syria in previously established directions. The new Parliament of the SAR is able to work for change for the better in spite of difficult economic conditions, told RIA Novosti coordinator of the State Duma for relations with the Syrian Parliament Dmitry Sablin.

Elections to the people's Council of Syria will be held on July 19. The country's leadership was forced to postpone their April in connection with the pandemic coronavirus. Only in the electoral race will involve more than 1.6 thousand candidates.

Bashar Al-Assad. 20 years of reform, in defiance of international pressure

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad over 20 years of leadership of Syria has maintained high popularity among his people, continues to resist pressure from the West and defeating terror in a bloody war, has no competitors in the upcoming presidential elections to be held in 2021, but can still make a sudden move, consider interviewed by RIA Novosti experts.

Asad headed the Syrian Arab Republic on 17 July 2000, succeeding his father Hafez Assad, who was President of the country since 1971.

Assad has released from duties of imported raw materials for production of medicines

Syrian President Bashar Assad issued a decree exempting from customs duties and all types of taxation of imported raw materials required for the production of medicines, the press service of the presidential Palace.

"President Assad has issued decree number 14 of the year 2020, associated with the release of the first materials necessary for the production of drugs from customs duties and from all taxes and payments connected with import", - the press-service.

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