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In Catalonia died novelist Juan Mars

Spanish writer Juan Marse, the representative of the "generation of the fifties", died in Catalonia at the age of 87 years, reports the edition Pais.

According to him, Mars died last night in Barcelona.

Sagrada Familia will be open for visitors July 25

One of the most famous landmarks of Spain – the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona - July 25 will be available on weekends for all visitors, according to a press release on the website of the Cathedral.

Earlier it was reported that the Sagrada Familia will be open in July, but only for residents of Barcelona. The first visitors were the doctors, nurses, police, volunteers, fire – "all those people who contributed to the fight against the pandemic". Further, it was assumed that since July 18, the temple will be able to visit the people of Barcelona at the weekend in the afternoon.

In Spain detained the group perestavaya rented apartment

The police conducted in the Spanish Autonomous community Catalonia the operation to curb the sublease of the leased property to tourists, have informed RIA of news in law enforcement bodies of the Catalan Mossos de Escuadra.

According to the newspaper País, the group included three Spaniards, three Ukrainians, a Russian and a Moroccan.

In Spain more than 700 people voted on the amendments

More than 700 Russians took part in the voting on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation in Spain as of 17.00 (18.00 GMT).

The polls opened in Spain in two cities - the Embassy in Madrid and Consulate General in Barcelona.

More than 160 passengers flew from export flight from Barcelona to Moscow

More than 160 people took off the export of Spanish flight from Barcelona to Moscow, said Russian General Consulate in Barcelona.

"Export flight "Aeroflot" to the citizens of Russia and other States flew 2️6 June at 17:35 from Barcelona to Moscow. On Board the 166 passengers", - stated in the message of the Consulate.

It turned out, how the pandemic affected the willingness of tourists to travel

Experts have found out how the pandemic affected the willingness of tourists to travel, according to Biletix.

Experts online service conducted a study among two thousand users and found that 87 percent intend to resume the trip in the second half of 2020. While two thirds (65 per cent) of them ready to go on vacation, every fifth would like to visit family and friends, while seven per cent plan to go on a business trip.

The mayor of Barcelona, spoke against the demolition of the monument to Columbus

The mayor of Barcelona Hell Cola opposed the demolition of the monument to Christopher Columbus in the city, but considers it necessary to place information about the historical context of the discovery of America.

The initiative for the demolition of the monument made a few days ago the head of the parliamentary group En Comu Podem in the regional Parliament Jessica Albiac as Columbus, in her words, "made possible the colonization of the territory by using genocide." However, soon the Deputy changed his mind and said that it is necessary not to demolish the monument, and to "contextualize" it. "In any case, we need calm debate," she wrote on Twitter. The issue of Columbus has arisen in connection with the discussion of anti-racist protests in USA.

In Spain the day recorded more than 200 cases of coronavirus

In Spain, the number of patients who in the last 24 hours the diagnosis was confirmed coronavirus COVID-19, increased by 219 people, follows from the data of the Ministry of health.

On the eve reported 137 cases in 24 hours, a day earlier – on 71. The total number of patients since the epidemic began was diagnosed after the performed PCR-test – 240 326. The total number of people who have suffered a coronavirus from the beginning of the epidemic, including those who have not done PCR, the Ministry of health estimates that 2.3 million people.

Spain has not recorded deaths from the coronavirus during the day

No lethal outcome of patients diagnosed with the coronavirus has not been registered for the last day in Spain, follows from the data of the Ministry of health of the country.

Since the epidemic began in Spain died 27 127 people, over the last seven days – 34. Exactly the same figures - 27 127 – figured in the report for Sunday and Monday. Thus, for the second consecutive day in the country there is no lethal outcome in patients with COVID-19.

Spain in days revealed less than 100 cases of coronavirus

Only 96 cases of infection with coronavirus COVID-19 were detected in the last 24 hours in Spain, the total number since the epidemic began - 239 429, follows from the data of the Ministry of health.

On Saturday it was reported 271 identified using PCR tests case per day.

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