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Thailand will allow the arrival of flights with certain categories of aliens

Thailand from 1 July will allow arrival at the airports in the country for passenger flights from abroad with certain categories of foreign citizens stated in a report published in Bangkok by the order of the Department of civil aviation.

In accordance with the order, starting from 00:01 on 1 July, the Department will begin to issue permits for arrival passengers of the following categories: citizens of Thailand, family members of Thai nationals, foreign nationals with residence permit in Thailand, foreign citizens with a work permit in Thailand and members of their families, juvenile foreign students of the Thai schools and their accompanying guardians and students of Thai universities, foreign patients for treatment in Thai hospitals in addition to treatment from COVID-19.

In Thailand, appeared in the sale of cakes in a model of coronavirus

Several small family businesses owning street stalls selling traditional Thai sweets, began to sell in Bangkok "cake-coronavirus", said on Tuesday the Thai TV channel TNN24.

A cake consisting of two stacked traditional Thailand soft hemispherical baskets from rice flour and baked them in coconut milk, began to produce flour of black and red rice, and added a "crown" of roasted pumpkin, potato and tapioca straw, giving the cake the species is known to everyone in the world a model of coronavirus, which are seen daily on television programs about the pandemic, the channel reports.

In Thailand open bars and pubs

Thailand at the fifth stage of relaxation of restrictive measures because of the coronavirus will open massage parlors with water treatments, bars, karaoke bars and pubs with a condition of criminal liability in the case of the spread COVID-19, said Monday at a press briefing in Bangkok, the press Secretary of the government center to combat the coronavirus Thavisin Vienojoties.

Pisanuloke also confirmed previously published information about that from 1 July all open secondary schools of the country, both private and public, in recent months, working only online. The school year in Thailand usually begins in may – June, after a long holiday in April – may.

In Thailand consider the issue on extension of state of emergency on coronavirus

Thai authorities are considering extending the state of emergency imposed in the country on March 26 in connection with the pandemic coronavirus infection, until 31 July, told reporters Thursday in Bangkok, the Secretary-General of the national security Council of Thailand General Somsak Rungsit.

"Today a small part of the state Center for combating the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19 supported the proposal of the security Council on the extension for another month, until July 31, 2020, the state of emergency in Thailand in connection with the danger of infection during the fifth stage of relaxation of restrictive measures related to the pandemic," he said.

On Tuesday, the Russians will return to their homeland from Delhi, Tehran and Bangkok

Export the flights to Russia from Delhi, Teheran, Bangkok is planned on Tuesday, said the Ministry of communications.

Expected flights "Delhi — Moscow", "a Tehran — Moscow", "Bangkok — Novosibirsk". As reported the Russian transport Ministry on Twitter, flights from Delhi to Bangkok has already left.

In Thailand from June 15 to cancel the curfew and other restrictions

Thailand cancels from 15 June the curfew and many other restrictions imposed in the country in connection with the pandemic coronavirus infection, said Friday at a press briefing at the government House of Thailand in Bangkok, the press Secretary of the state Centre for combating coronavirus infection Thavisin Vienojoties.

"This morning at the meeting of the Center, chaired by Prime Minister General prayuth Chan-OCHA, a decree was adopted on measures fourth phase of the easing of restrictions related to the pandemic. The decree will be effective from the 15th of June," he said.

In Thailand, fired the General who put the helicopter on the temple grounds

The commander of the Third division of the tourist police of Thailand (Phuket and southern region of the country) the General-the major of police Krissak Soganlik dismissed and transferred to the reserve of the main Directorate of the tourist police because he landed a helicopter on the territory of the Buddhist monastery, said on Monday the online version of the newspaper Bangkok Post.

According to the Council of the congregation of the monastery and Wat Chedi in the province of Nakhon Sithammarat, General with a group of officers arrived at the Church by helicopter to check safety measures and epidemiological protection. The newspaper also reported that some time before the arrival of the General, whose office is located on Phuket island 300 kilometers from the temple, a large group living in Thailand, citizens of South Korea working in the travel industry, staged in temple fireworks from three million firecrackers at one of the statues, the most revered among the faithful Buddhists, asking the higher forces for help in the restoration of business after a pandemic COVID19.

Flight on the removal of the Russians from Bangkok to Vladivostok postponed

Scheduled for June 6 to export the flight with the Russians in Bangkok - Vladivostok postponed indefinitely, according to a Telegram-the channel of the Ministry of communications "public Services: Thailand-Russia".

Previously, the airline "Aurora" reported that it is planned to perform the flight 5487 departing from Bangkok on 6 June at 23.40 local time (19.40 GMT), the arrival in Vladivostok was expected the next day, June 7, at 11.00 local time (4.00 GMT).

The Ministry of communications announced the flights on the removal of the Russians, planned for Saturday

Export flights to Russia from Tashkent and Bangkok is planned on Saturday, 6 June, reported the Ministry of communications.

Expected flights "Tashkent - Novosibirsk" and "Bangkok - Vladivostok".

"Aurora" is planning on 6 Jun export flight with the Russians from Bangkok

Airline "Aurora", member of the group "Aeroflot", 6-7 June 2020 is planning to bring the Russians export a flight from Bangkok to Vladivostok, according to the carrier.

5487 flight will depart from Bangkok on 6 June at 23.40 local time (19.40 GMT), will arrive in Vladivostok the following day, 7 June at 11.00 local time (04.00 GMT).

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