Latest News - #Baltimore

In Baltimore, protesters demolished the monument to Christopher Columbus

Protesters in the city of Baltimore in the American state of Maryland took off from the pedestal monument to Christopher Columbus and threw it in the Bay to the background of fireworks in the city in honor of independence Day, according to local newspaper the Baltimore Sun.

A group of protesters shouting threw the rope to the statue and took off from the pedestal, after which they rolled it out to the Bay and threw it in the water.

Lobbyist Jack Abramoff again found guilty in the United States

Infamous in the US political lobbyist Jack Abramoff previously served 3.5 years in prison on charges of fraud and conspiracy, is again convicted of the same acts, writes the New York Times, citing court documents.

The case of Jack Abramoff in 2006 became one of the largest scandals in the United States of his time. He used his contacts in the White house and Congress for illegal lobbying activities, and in November 2006 he was sentenced to prison.

The Pentagon did not support the use of the law of revolts due to unrest

The Secretary of defense mark Esper stated that it did not support the use of the law of rebellion for the army during the suppression of the riots. Previously, the possibility of the use of the law was publicly discussed by President Donald trump.

"I do not support the appeal to the Law about the uprisings," said Esper at a press conference.