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Russian scientists have proposed a way to detect kidney cancer at an early stage

Professor-researcher at the Institute of living systems of the Baltic Federal University named Kant (Kaliningrad) Liudmila Matskova, together with colleagues from China have proposed a method of detecting kidney cancer at an early stage on the basis of molecular biology techniques that will improve the effectiveness of treatment of this disease, reported the press service of the BFU.

Kidney cancer in most cases are asymptomatic, and clinical manifestations occur mainly in the later stages, when the treatment is ineffective. The average life expectancy of these patients is limited to a period of five years. It is therefore important to find ways to "detect" the beginning of tumor growth as early as possible. Now scientists have found that in cells of kidney cancer compared to their healthy "brothers" are decidedly less protein 4 cadherin – molecules, whose function is to "consolidate" normal cells together.

Scientists have learned how nanoparticles kill cancer cells

Effect of magnetic nanoparticles on cancer cells human liver studied by the researchers of Baltic Federal University (BFU) to them. Kant and nust "MISIS". According to the authors, their study may improve the treatment of cancer. The results published in the journal "Nano Сonvergence".

Thanks to its unique properties, magnetic nanoparticles can be used in theranostics diagnosis and personalized treatment of oncological diseases, and also be an effective contrast agent for MRI in the examination and visualization of tumors.