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In Balashikha the child fell down concrete fence

Fifteen-year-old girl was killed in Balashikha, after she fell down a section of a concrete fence, according to GSU SK across Moscow region.

"On 22 July in the wooded area in the neighborhood of Zarya Balashikha under section concrete fence discovered the body of 15-year-old girl," - said in the message.

Nails Mare and the virtual world: what the cartoons created by the children

How to protect children from the negative influence of the Internet and whether you want to do – a question almost every parent. On the way to direct the kids ' interest in gadgets in creative direction told the organizer of competition "Kultprom-2020" Maxim Zabelin.

He argues: "failed to prevent – headed"! The best approach, in his opinion, is to captivate the child something educational and creative, rather than trying to extract from the network – it sooner or later there will delay. One of the useful online activities and is a competition in which children learn to create cartoons.

In Balashikha end residential building collapsed casing

Part of the skin of the facade from the side of the house collapsed in one of the districts of Balashikha near Moscow, forces the management company there made the removal of bricks, according to RIA Novosti the management of housing and communal services of the municipality.

"At the city district of Balashikha, microdistrict 1 May, 24 there was a partial delamination of bricks on the facade of the house. Forces management company "PIK-Comfort" was carried out protection measures, namely the dismantling of bricks in areas of delamination on the front of the house", - stated in the message.

Experts predicted the emergence controversyover opportunities at the C-400

Contrapresiune opportunities may have improved modification of s-400 "Triumph", according to military experts interviewed by RT.

According to the Director of the Museum of air defence in Balashikha Yuri Knutova, in addition to the s-400 such a possibility is likely to receive s-500 and self-propelled laser system "Peresvet" in a modernized version. With expert opinion agreed and founder of the portal MilitaryRussia Dmitry Kornev, who added that the modernization kontrobersyal opportunities will have other types of weapons, created based on new physical principles and using directed energy.