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In Bahrain I regret that Hagia Sophia became a place of split

The head of the Department of culture and antiquities of Bahrain and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Arab regional centre for world heritage of the Sheikh may al Khalifa, expressed regret that instead of the unifying role of the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul against the decision of the Turkish authorities to turn it into a mosque has become a subject of conflict and division.

The Supreme administrative court of Turkey on 10 July annulled the decision of 1934 the transformation of Hagia Sophia into a Museum. Immediately after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that he had signed a decree about the transformation of the Cathedral into a mosque and the beginning of Muslim worship there. They will begin on July 24.

Bahrain intends to cooperate with Russia on the drug against COVID-19

At Bahrain there is a plan of cooperation with Russia according to the Russian drug against the coronavirus, said Bahrain's Ambassador to Russia Ahmad al-Saati in his interview to the Bahraini newspaper Al-Ayam.

"Aviewer" - the world's first drug on the basis of "Favipiravir", approved for the treatment of coronavirus. The drug proved effective in clinical trials, it inhibits the mechanisms of propagation of the coronavirus. "Aviewer" received a registration certificate from the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation of 29 may 2020 and was first registered in Russia drug against coronavirus.

Human rights activists estimated the infected apps for COVID-19

Mobile app for tracking contacts with infected with a coronavirus, released in Bahrain, Kuwait and Norway, can compromise the privacy and security of user data, according to the study of the human rights organization Amnesty International.

Human rights activists analyzed the number of applications on contact tracing in different countries of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Were tested 11 applications. In the course of the research Amnesty International found that the program BeAware Bahrain from Bahrain, Shlonik from Kuwait and Smittestopp from Norway may violate the rights of citizens to privacy, as all three apps are tracking users ' location in real time, often by uploading GPS coordinates to a Central server.

Countries of Arabia are discussing a new initiative to solve the conflict around Qatar

Gulf countries are considering a new initiative to resolve the conflict between Qatar and its neighbors and lifting the blockade of the Emirate, which lasted three years, was announced by the Minister for foreign Affairs of Qatar Mohammed Ben Abderrahmane al-Thani, in an interview to television channel "al Jazeera".

According to him, the dialogue that began at the end of last year, with Saudi Arabia, was positive, but stopped for unknown reasons Doha.