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The Austrian had fought off the fingers of plaster models of the XIX century when taking a selfie

Austrian tourist while shooting a selfie at an Italian Museum beat off the toes from the original plaster model of the famous sculpture of Pauline Bonaparte by Italian sculptor Antonio Canova (1757-1822), told the art critic Vittorio Sgarbi.

The incident occurred in the Italian Possagno Museum, which houses a collection of plaster models of works by Canova. As reported in Facebook the Museum, a tourist from Austria sat down on the sculpture and thus broke her two fingers of feet, then hurriedly left the establishment, about anything, without telling anyone.

Head of OMV called for a response to US threats to the "Nord stream — 2"

The head of the Austrian oil company OMV Rainer Seele said about the need for "political response" to the threat of Washington sanctions against companies involved in the construction of the pipeline "Nord stream — 2", writes the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

According to him, green said that the question is to what extent Europe will defend its sovereignty and its independence, especially in regard to energy issues.

Cave Tavrida interested foreign scientists, said in RSP

Foreign scientists became interested in the Crimean cave "Tauris", but priority in its learning are given to domestic experts, said the head of the project "Cave Tauris", the President of the Russian Union of speleologists (CPR) Gennady Samokhin.

"We are already actively working with their colleagues from Austria by age Dating, to study the Mineralogy, isotopic composition. Apply the math that they were interested to come to the Crimea. We are ready to involve scientists from other countries, but in terms of partnership, not dominance. We have experts who can promote this project in the world of science. First we will start with, and then we'll continue our foreign colleagues," said Samokhin journalists in the Crimean press-center of MIA "Russia today".

In Cyprus in six months the flow of tourists decreased by 84% due to coronavirus

The number of tourists in June in Cyprus decreased to 98.2% compared to June 2019, and for the first six months the decline in tourist arrivals amounted to 84,3%, the statistical data published by the government office for press and information.

In June 2020, on the island arrived 9 919 tourists compared to 509 662 in June 2019. For the period January-June 2020 came 255 675 tourists, compared to 1 613 023 tourists over the same period in 2019, the report said.

The alleged killer of Russians in Austria will stay in prison until 2021

The alleged killer of Chechen blogger in Austria until 2021 will be in prison for another crime, said on Thursday, RIA Novosti the representative of Prosecutor's office of Korneuburg.

"He will serve his sentence until January 2021. If criminal proceedings on the murder case in Gerasdorf is completed, the court will decide whether to leave him in prison," he added.

In Austria re-introduced the compulsory wearing of masks in supermarkets

The Austrian authorities decided to re-introduce the compulsory wearing of masks in supermarkets, banks and post offices to combat the spread of coronavirus, said Tuesday the Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurz.

He said that in recent weeks the growth in the number of new infections per day is a three digit number, therefore it is necessary to take measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

The Prime Minister of Sweden has estimated the agreement to Fund the recovery of the European Union

Sweden is not affected in the compromise agreement on the budget and Fund for the recovery of the EU made by the leaders of the 27 EU countries on Tuesday morning, Prime Minister of Sweden Stefan löfven in comments to the newspaper Expressen.

"After four days of difficult negotiations, we finally managed to reach an agreement. Despite the difficult conditions, interests and priorities of Sweden were taken into account and supported. The contributions of Sweden was lowered, we received much than ever, discount. For the first time in the allocation of funds from the EU budget will be taken into consideration, whether the country observes the rule of law. This is a significant change," - said Leven.

Merkel praised the agreement to Fund the recovery of the European Union

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that no regrets about concessions that were made in regard to the requirements of some countries to Fund the recovery of the EU, according to her, the country has reached "the painful but responsible" compromise.

In the night of Monday in Brussels ended a summit of EU leaders, which lasted since Friday. The leaders discussed the budget and the Fund for the recovery of the European economy from the crisis caused by the pandemic. The European Commission proposed 500 billion from the Fund to implement subsidies, 250 billion as loans. In the end, under the pressure of the "Thrifty four" - the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Austria - configuration of the Fund is different: 390 billion euros as subsidies, 360 billion as loans.

EU leaders have reached a compromise on the recovery plan

The head of the European Council, Charles Michel after four days of difficult negotiations with the leaders of the 27 countries of the European Union in Brussels, led the European Council to compromise on the creation of an unprecedented Fund of € 750 billion to restore agroekonomika after the crisis COVID-19.

The summit for the first time since February, was part, European leaders used a mask and tried to keep my distance. From the courtroom periodically come information about heated arguments and opposing positions of the parties.

In Brussels resumed the prolonged four-day EU summit

Lingering on four instead of the two-day summit of EU leaders resumed in Brussels almost at 21.30 local time (22.30 GMT), said the press Secretary of the head of the European Council of Barend Lats.

"Good evening and welcome to the European Council on the multi-year budget and Fund recovery. The President has just started a plenary meeting of the c-27," - wrote in Twitter a press-the Secretary of Charles Michel.

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