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In the US, told about the contents of mysterious parcels with seeds from China

Identified 14 different types of seeds from the mysterious packages received from China, said Deputy Director inspection service for checking the health of animals and plants the U.S. Department of agriculture Osama El-Lissi. An audio recording of his statement appears on the Agency's website.

"We have identified 14 different types of seeds, including mustard, cabbage, bindweed and some herbs, like mint, sage, rosemary, lavender, and other seeds, among which are hibiscus and rose," said El-Lissi.

Australian giraffe is recognized as the highest in the world

In the Australian zoo live giraffe, caught in the Guinness Book of records as the tallest in the world. His height is five and a half meters, according to Upi.

The family of Bindi Irwin owns a zoo in the city of BILLA, Queensland. In social networks, they announced that their giraffe named Forrest officially recognized as the world's tallest giraffe.

In Australia, the owls fell in the black list of the hotel for bad behavior

In one of the hotels in Queensland two EMUs learned to climb the steps and began to disturb guests, for which he was denied access to a hotel, according to Travel and Leisure.

Ostriches name is Kevin and Carol, they grew up nearby. Previously, poultry was a local landmark, but then become a burden to guests. EMU learned how to climb stairs and began to steal food and personal items at the hotel. So, one of them stole the car keys and looked inside the bathroom.

In the Australian state of Victoria has revealed a record number of cases COVID-19

Record 723 cases of infection COVID-19 identified for the day in the southern Australian state of Victoria, which became the focus of the spread of coronavirus in the country, reported local television and radio ABC, citing state Premier Daniel Andrews.

The previous record was set on Monday when it was revealed 532 cases of infection.

The Australian government has announced Sydney as the new hotbed of coronavirus

Sydney in the Australian state of New South Wales announced a new outbreak of the coronavirus in the country because of the larger number of infected, said the Premier of Queensland Anastasia of Palauk.

"Sydney is now declared a hotbed COVID-19. Saturday 01.00 (18.00 GMT Friday), none of Sydney will not be admitted to the territory of Queensland. We move quickly and put the health of residents of Queensland in the first place," - said in a statement, Palasek on Twitter.

Diseased COVID-19 nurse has found weird symptom

Nurse Emily Morris from the Royal hospital in Melbourne, Australia, contracted the coronavirus finding in front of this weird symptom, according to ABC.

Morris, working in the emergency Department and contact directly with sick COVID-19 patients, some time ago found himself a painful sensation in the limbs. The nurse spends a lot of time on his feet and accustomed to fatigue, however this time the symptoms were different.

Named the best mask to protect against coronavirus

. Surgical mask best protects against coronavirus infection. To such conclusion the group of scientists from the University of New South Wales in Australia, reports ScienceDaily.

The researchers compared the effectiveness of three types of masks: single layer, double layer and three-layer surgical PPE.

A court in Australia has indicted the fight for the toilet paper women

The magistrate's court in Australia were convicted of involvement in a brawl in a public place, two women started a brawl because of the packaging of toilet paper in the Australian supermarket amid panic over the spread of coronavirus, according to TV channel 7News.

The quarrel of women in March at the Woolworths supermarket was captured on video, the video has received several million views. The footage shows two women - Meriam and Treize Bebawi, truck which is completely filled with packages of toilet paper, the third woman found it unfair and tried to take away the attendees of one pack of paper, which greatly angered the family Bebawi. After that, women began to fight, the police arrived.

In the Australian state of Victoria has revealed a record 532 case COVID-19

Record 532 cases of infection with coronavirus in days identified in the southern Australian state of Victoria, which became the focus of the spread of the disease in the country in 24 hours, six persons died, said state Premier Dan Andrews.

The mark of 500 cases per day, the state has not previously been crossed: the last "record" after new outbreaks were detected on 22 July, then ill 484 people.

Australia rejected China's territorial claims in the sea

Australia followed by the United States rejects a series of territorial claims of China in the South China sea, reports the Australian television and radio ABC, citing a statement by the permanent mission of Australia to the UN.

Earlier, the US officially called illegal Beijing claims to offshore resources in most parts of the South China sea. In addition, Washington has accused China of attempts to gain control over these resources by threats. The Chinese Embassy in the United States have called these claims "totally unjustified".

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