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Doctors from Astrakhan came to the aid of colleagues in Kazakhstan Atyrau

Doctors profit from Astrakhan to Atyrau (administrative center of Atyrau region of Kazakhstan, in the West of the country) to assist local doctors in the fight against coronavirus infection, reported the press service of the administration of Kazakhstan of the region.

Akim (Governor) of Atyrau region Makhambet Dosmukhambetov met with Russian experts and thanked them for their assistance in this difficult time.

Astrakhan oblast sent to the Kazakhstan doctors to combat COVID-19

Astrakhan oblast sent to the Kazakhstan doctors and humanitarian aid to combat the coronavirus, said the Governor Igor Babushkin.

"Now we are forming and will soon send to Atyrau region the humanitarian aid, which will be equipped with personal protective equipment. We are also ready to send in Atyrau five experienced doctors," he wrote on Instagram.